Top Features Of Online Platform That Can Make Your Online Conference Stand Out

The world had commenced transforming at a pace hard to catch. It was invariably changing but the eagerness for the alteration is now great. In this shifting period, it is significant to hold up with these modifications and learn. For the business that looks for a way to broaden their horizon or the consumer who looking to discover these online platforms the best way.

Yet the hardest is to know all of the characteristics and employ them. Many new online events hosting platforms, like Mixhubb, are accessible today with a variation of features. So the foremost task should be to comprehend the working and imply all of these. Because a simple program where the host speaks and the audience listens wouldn’t be that beneficial. The altering pattern and restricted attention span should be inferred.

So it becomes crucial to include new elements. Today there are the best free virtual event platforms that give these elements for free. What’s more attractive is that they give virtual manuals to discern these new components.

●  Use the HD Video/Audio quality. Since there is a physical distance between the two parties, the first venture should be to ameliorate that gap. This can be done by using the best quality software. If they aren’t able to see and listen to what the host wants to tell then the event wouldn’t be flourishing. So try to make it a good interactive event. Always use the best quality software.

●  Screen sharing is the feature that could encourage them to keep remodeling with the events. Even if they miss a point they are familiar with the topic. And use the outlines or signs that keep them engaged. Today almost all the online event hosting platforms give this feature. Just search and see which fulfills the need at best.

●  Try to organize one-click meetings. Don’t confuse the audience. Use such a setting that allows them to join the meeting with a single click. If it compels a long procedure to join a meeting it would deflect the audience. So try to keep settings simple.

●  Utilize the recording option provided. This helps to overview the meeting and see the necessary modifications that may be required. Perhaps used to regulate the activities and later used for inspection purposes. If there is a need to play the program again or host a similar program in the future this recording would be beneficial. If the host desires, they could share it with the audience so they can come back and get nicely familiarized with the topic.

●  While administering any platform. It should be noted that it’s supportive of all the applications. Such as its compatibility with mobile, laptops, computers, and tablets. Attempt to operate such software that is convenient to all. This would enhance the audience and participation. And delivers an option to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

●  In contemporary times, many platforms render hosts with collaboration tools. This helps in collaboration, to share diverse ideas, and enables various views on single platforms. Bestows with an opportunity to give wide options to audiences and endow their knowledge. The collaborative programs aren’t hindered as they allow the varied themes together. Even for the host, it’s an enriching occasion as it helps them to discover. For this reason use available online event software. Whenever inviting anyone, always have a detailed conversation with them about their expectations and wants.

●  Make the best usage of the surveys, and polls. Try to encompass them in between the events, especially the polls. Always keep the review part at the end, so they could analyze all of the events. This provides the host with a clear picture of what the audience likes and desires.

●  Include quizzes and games that keep the audience immersed. Keep them between the segments. This expands the concentration of the listener as they are conscious of the awards being available to them. Employing these methods allows them to notice the exact details. This keeps them on the edge and helps the host to even realize their shortcomings. Help them to see where the audience fails to understand them. Besides, it offers them a comprehensive perspective of their mind.

●  Always use a platform that has a reporting feature. This makes any events protected for the audience and host. Even if this isn’t inbuilt, try to utilize any software. If there are any unplanned intrusions, the reporting features help to deal with these attempts. This creates a safe space between host and listener as they are always aware that none of the forces would interrupt. Even if such a case arose appropriate action would be taken. Their Virtual ID could be tracked further restricting them and helping in legal action.

●  Besides, try to use marketing tools. Use these to promote the events and make the public receptive to them. Usually, these online platforms simply with a single click allow the host to share the details with their audiences. This helps to curtail the workload and keep them updated with a single text. They are even reminded about the events at the time, due to inbuilt features. Just remember to use them and activate them.

●  It’s better to seek guidance. Many event planners are available who infer the online event hosting platforms. Try to make them understand each detail. The host should make them discern their wants and according to their requirements ask them to propose the features. Learn their usage and hold the command over them as they use them.


Remember the products and objectives of the events. Then accordingly utilize all these features. Don’t try to use them at once. Plan their allocation while paying attention to the needs of the audience. While planning any event, always see it through the eyes of the audience. According to their comfort, plan the events.

There would be moments when the host wouldn’t understand certain features so try to seek help. At the moment try to know the continual nature and keep up the changes. Always keep on including new elements in events. Those who include the new shine, appear the brightest in the sky.


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