Thick Gi – Best Choice For BJJ -10 Advantages For Jiu Jitsu

Wearing a perfect thick gi specifically for the training of Jiu-Jitsu can give you an upper hand against your opponents. Also, the trend of wearing thick gi is at its peak during BJJ training, henceforth people are researching for actual benefits of wearing a thick gi before one buying for themselves.

The most significant advantage of wearing a thicker gi for Jiu-Jitsu training is its capability to impede your competitor’s ability to get a strong grasp over you. Most importantly, a suitable thick gis can provide better protection and safety against injuries during Jiu-Jitsu training. 

On the other hand, a thicker gi can provide calm and warm feelings to the fighters which can be much more beneficial during extremely cold weather.

Here in this article, we have to get together all the information about thick gis for BJJ and the benefits of wearing a large and thick gi while training. Similarly, you will get to how it can provide more comfort and protection to the fighters during the training of Jiu-Jitsu and which one to choose, lightweight GIs or Heavyweight Gis.

What is Thick Gi?

A thick gi is made of shrunk cotton and it is specifically designed to provide additional support and protection to the fighters during the training of Jiu-Jitsu. Since Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling martial art where two players try to take one another down with different techniques such as tackles, chokes, etc. But if you’re wearing a relatively thicker gi then it will make it hard for your opponent to grip the fabric and subsequently, you can better capitalize on your chances compared to him. Furthermore, it will be difficult for your opponent to maintain the grip over a thick gi for a longer period.

Thick Gi

Should I wear Lightweight or Heavyweight Gi during BJJ?

Both lightweight and heavyweight Gis are different in various ways. Plus, they both provide different benefits for the fighters.

  • A lightweight gi helps the fighters to maintain their training in hot weather, while a heavyweight gi provides warmth and calm during the training of jiu-jitsu specifically in harsh weather.

  • The lightweight gis is soft and breathable thus they provide a comfortable climate for the fighters to strengthen their training in extremely hot weather.

  • The heavyweight gis is more reliable and strong as compared to the lightweight gis, since they encompass the ability to provide the fighters with more chances to win the competition, more people tend to purchase a heavyweight gi.

  • The lightweight gis possesses no strength to control the opponents. The thin weight of the lightweight gis provides more chances for the opponents to have a grip and control over the fighter.

  • The lightweight gis is environmentally friendly as they can be effortlessly cleaned while a heavyweight gi takes a long time to be tidied up.

  • The lightweight gis is perfect for traveling, however, the heavyweight gis is not suitable for traveling.

Benefits Of Wearing A Thick Gi While BJJ Training

Training jiu-jitsu is a practical skilled sport that requires physical and mental effort as well. It can be sometimes exhausted for the players to expend their power to strike their opponent. However, with the help of the suitable thick gi, the fighter can maintain his strength and protection during the training of jiu-jitsu.

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Moreover, wearing a thick gi would enable the fighters to achieve a practical way to overthrow their opponents. Here are provided the other advantages of wearing an adequate thick gi for the training of jiu-jitsu sport.

Increase Strength

Wearing thick gis enhances the strength of the fighters. It helps them to maintain their strength and endurance to fight against their opponents. Since the heavy gis help in improving the strength of the fighters, the protection against injuries also gets better.

Help In Maintenance

The thick gis is accessible in both rigid and flexible forms. Since they are flexible enough to make the body of the fighter move freely, they provide them with proper maintenance and safety during the training of jiu-jitsu.

The tight gis supports your body maintenance while the loose gis help in improving body movement. Thus, both tight and loose gis provides adaptable maintenance during the training.

Thick Gi

Improve Circulation

A thick gi provides more concentration towards the modern techniques that a fighter may require during his training of jiu-jitsu. Besides, it helps in expanding the circulation so that the participant can take advantage of the sport without getting exhausted. 

Enhance Durability

A thick gi is more durable compared to the other types of gi. The thicker gis provides better stability and it stays indistinguishable for a long period. 

A gi normally takes months and years to maintain its quality to the same level. If you take proper care of the gis, they can last longer than your expectations. However, they can be also demolished if you do not put up with the proper care for them.

Increase Safety

A thick or heavy gi provides more ways for the fighters to move freely and more comfortably. If you buy a heavy gi, you would move properly in it as it provides more safety and comfort to the body.

The thicker the material is, the more safety it provides. It maintains the balance of the body by disseminating the weight equally. Besides, the thick gis also provides an adequate and relaxed atmosphere during the winter.

Provide More Comfort

There is no doubt that the thicker gi is considered best for the training of jiu-jitsu. Though many other types of the gis are also easily accessible not all of them are comfortable to wear.

The thick gis is way more comfortable to wear as they provide no irritation to the body.

Provide Warmth

The cold temperature can cause negative impacts on your performance. People who live in the northern areas mainly have to deal with the cold climate, the cold weather can inadequately damage the performance of the players.

However, the thick gis provides warmth and a peaceful feeling to the fighters. They can trap the essential part of the heat in cold climates. Moreover, the thick gi encompasses the ability to protect you from windy conditions.

Provide High Resistance

Since the thick gis is highly resistant, they provide more power and strength during the training. Unlike others, a thick gi comprises more power to provide comfort and better ventilation.

The material of the thick gis is tighter than the other types of gis. The tight material makes it hard for the bacteria to take place in it. Besides, the tight material is also considered a sweat-free material. After all, such characteristics of thick gis make it unique among other types. 

Provide Protection

A thicker gi makes it hard and sometimes impossible for the opponents to have a grip on the fighter. If you are looking for a gi that makes it hard for your opponents to have a grip over you, then you must buy a thick gi as they provide more friction and power against the grabs.

Besides, the thick gis makes it hard for the opponents to grasp you during the training. They surely provide the intimidation methods for the remarkable performance of a fighter.

Help To Intimidate Your Opponents

The intimidating impression of the thick gis makes you look more powerful in front of the opponents. The more they look physically fit, the more they can intimidate their opponents.

Since Brazilian jiu-jitsu requires an intimidating image of the players on the mat, you can surely wear a thicker gi to make you look more powerful and intimidating.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Suitable Gi

Before you look for a suitable gi, contemplate the weave of the gi in the first place. The weave of the gis determines the size, material,  weight,  thickness, and durability of the gis.

Besides, the weave clarifies the materials that are used to make the gi. Plus, it also helps to identify the sewing work of the gis. It will inform you whether the gis is sewed flawlessly or not. The other factors that need to be considered before buying a suitable gi are given below;

Durability Of Gi

The durability of the gi is as important as your achievement in the jiu-jitsu sport.  Since the more strength and durability, it contains, the more years it will put up with to stay in the same integrity.

Thickness Of Gi

Consider the thickness of the gi before deciding on buying it. The thick the gi is, the more it will make it hard for your opponent to have a grip over you. Just like the people who wear a simple t-shirt are more likely to lose their control during training, those who wear a thick leather jacket are hardly to lose control over their body.

The hard and thick gis provide more protection and strength to your body during the training of jiu-jitsu.

Weight Of Gi

Keep in mind that the lightweight gis is suitable only for hot days while a heavyweight gi provides more warmth and protection during harsh and cold weather conditions. Besides, the lightweight gis is susceptible to wash as compared to the heavyweight is. Thus, make your decision wisely.

Color Of Gi

A gi comes in different shades. The most prominent shades are black, white, yellow, red, and purple. However, the most suitable shades for jiu-jitsu include white, black, and blue. Other shades may not be allowed during the competition.

Collars Of Gi

Mostly gi comprises the collars that are composed of cotton. Some of the brands also utilize rubber to make the collars of the gi. Besides, most people prefer buying cotton collars as they appear more conventional, however, acquiring rubber collars can also provide you with multiple benefits. The advantages of the rubber collars are given below;

  • Since rubber collars are lightweight, they provide more comfort and satisfaction during hot weather.
  • They do not absorb the sweat, thus they take less time to get dried.
  • Rubber collars are considered adequate for the training and competitions of jiu-jitsu.

Material Of Gi

Mostly gis is made of shrunk cotton. Wearing a gi made of pre-shrunk cotton would help you to fit in the size of the gi. The more you wash the gi, the more it will shrink and fit into your size. Besides, to get the same size as the gi, you should buy a shrink-to-fit gi that is also helpful to expand the maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions – Thick Gi

Q1: Why Are Gis So Thick?

The thick size of the gi makes it hard for the opponent to have control over you. It provides more safety and protection during the training of jiu-jitsu. Besides, it helps you to maintain the power over your body so that you can take advantage of the sport faultlessly. 

Q2: Why Are BJJ Gis So Thick?

If we talk about the weight of the gis, the more thickness provides more warmth in the cold weather while the thickness of the gi also helps to provide you better flexibility and stability during the training.

Q3: How Long Do BJJ Gis Last?

Different components such as the material of the gi weaves and the way they are stitched define the lifespan of the BJJ gis. However, the quality of the gis mainly remains the same for almost 2 years.

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