The night time trek of India – The Kunti betta


Kunti betta revel in of night hiking is precise to every journey seeker. Night time trekking is exhilarating. The feeling of hiking within the pitch-black, silent night time is indescribable.


A standout amongst the maximum famous and exhilarating hiking studies you’ll be able to vouch for near Bangalore is the Kunti Betta night time trek. A night time hike energizes you and tickles your adventurous side.Darkness has a way of bringing out physical sensations and piqueing your interest in your course.Kunti Betta is a couple. They’re surrounded by way of stunning, photo-perfect scenery. Hindu mythology sheds light on the fast live of the Pandavas on this place and the way their mom Kunti grew fond of the hills. As a result, the hill and the town have been given their names.

Know-how Kunti betta trek

The two rocky hills that make up Kunti Betta Hills are surrounded by paddy fields, sugarcane fields, and coconut bushes. Kunti Betta, any other calming hill inside the country of Karnataka’s Mandya district, is situated 112 kilometers from Bangalore. This area is also known as Pandavapura due to the fact it is idea that the Pandavas went into exile right here. The hill’s ascent is saved inside a moderately tough variety.

From the bottom of the hill, it takes approximately two hours to get there. A famous pilgrimage web site with a temple and pond on the foot of the hill is Kunti Betta. The beginning of the woodland trek is near the pond. The area is surrounded with the aid of lush greenery, coconut trees, and paddy fields, all of which upload to its herbal beauty. Rock climbing is every other popular activity on the castle. A 2d attractive view may be loved at some point of the hike from a renowned lake that is approximately 4 kilometers from the hill. The suitable time to visit Kunti Betta is from the months of October to can also.

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Kunti betta sights:

Trekking: among vacationers, trekking is the most well-known pastime. Because Kunti Betta’s trek is short, each beginner and skilled climbers will locate it easier to finish. A jaw-losing view of the whole location is supplied by the trek. Kunti Betta is more properly-liked by adventurers as it lets in night time trekking.


Also permitted at Kunti Betta is camping. One receives to stay amidst rocky hills and luxurious greenery. Camping here makes you experience extraordinarily close to nature. To understand and experience the magic that God created, one must remain in camps.

A visit to Kunti Kund: 

Kunti Kund is a small water reservoir at the foot of the mountain that is continually full of crystal-clear, blue water. The mom of the Pandavas, Kunti, inspired the kund’s name. The kund is encircled by way of lush, green bushes, which provides to the appeal of the setting. It’s far exceedingly suggested for vacationers to go to Kunti kund with the intention to sit there and unwind and capture the lovable environment with their cameras.

Thonnur Lake Swimming:

Thonnur Lake, a man-made lake ten kilometers from Kunti Betta, is idea to have been built by king Ramanujan approximately a thousand years in the past. The cool water of Thonnur Lake is best for swimming so one can beat the heat.The Krishna Raja Sagara dam, which resources the lake with water year-round, is where it receives its water. The lake is the right vicinity for swimmers to have amusing inside the cold water.


Kayaking at Thonnur Lake is fun for thrill-seekers and out of doors fanatics. It’s far always advisable to seek professional guidance because the pastime calls for both pleasure and approach.

A ride to Parikrama point: 

Parikrama factor gives a wide vista of the encompassing area. One could get a jaw-losing view of the entire location by using truly standing right here. The location is great because of the lush, green vegetation, the encircling forest, and the specific scent. Every tourist is in awe of the region’s heavenly splendor.

A go to to the Shri Mallikarjuna Temple 

Kunti Betta is home to the Shri Mallikarjuna Temple. It’s miles on hand after ascending 100 rock stairs. The temple is a excellent example of Dravidian layout. Moreover, it’s miles a extensive pilgrimage web site. Further, a “kalyana mantapa,” or marriage corridor, is located immediately in the back of the temple to conduct wedding ceremony ceremonies.


Kunti Betta’s top rises to a height of 950 meters. Kunti Betta’s rocks make it the right vicinity to revel in rappelling. It affords a project to please seekers due to the fact both the ascent and descent are very steep. This activity has a completely unique thrill and is high-quality enjoyed by using skilled hikers.

Boating and fishing: 

Boating and fishing are two of the maximum famous traveler activities at Thonnur Lake. The boats are normally known as “dinghy,” and it is a number of amusing. Human beings of all ages take pride within the popular pastime of cruising across the lake. The lake at Thonnur additionally allows for fishing. In this lake, possible attempt their hand at fishing.

Essential Reminders: 

1. If you’re planning a nighttime trek, bring a torch because there is not any water alongside the entire stretch.

2. Day hikes to this region are equally interesting and do not require a manual due to the fact the route is reasonably apparent.

3. Severa businesses regularly lead day and night time hikes to Kunti Betta.


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