The creation of subtitles under a video: guaranteed content marketing

Adding subtitles helps with SEO

Knowing that we are going to integrate subtitles into a video means first giving ourselves the means to think about the dialogue before filming, to try to optimize the video. And to create precise and relevant comments. If YouTube indicates that it has created subtitles in automatic mode on more than a billion videos, and this, in 10 languages, it is because the demand is strong and that it does exist.

SEO applied to subtitles is important because it seeks to adapt the published content to search engine criteria. Good to know: 64% of web traffic comes from search engines. The 1st page of engine results generates 92% of this traffic. With well-written and optimized captions by the best ghost writers for hire, you can improve your marketing results. Blogger, blogger, you don’t have time to take care of it? Hire a web editor!

Video subtitles are part of on-page SEO (in this, they must favor words and expressions that facilitate referencing and navigation by Internet users and robots). You should see them as complementary and essential optimized content to your animated images which should also not be too heavy (so that the loading speed is not too slow on mobile). Do not seek to broadcast in HD necessarily. Prioritize page load speed.

Creating your subtitles makes you exist on the networks

Doing YouTube subtitles also helps connect you to social media. How? A well-made video is shared (as we have seen, YouTube is the preferred service for connected French users). If the subtitles are relevant, they use a punchy, light tone, it will be all the more shared. And your video will also contribute to off-page SEO (your existence on other sites, and blogs), because it will be referenced, hosted, and relayed.

To create good subtitles, think that your text must be in the middle of a triangle whose 3 vertices are: the objectives you are pursuing, the audience you are targeting, and the format used (here, the video). And remember to try to respect the rule of thirds for your video content: ⅓ of commercial elements, ⅓ of news elements on your company or activity, and ⅓ of personal interactions with Internet users.  

Think about subtitles before making the video

To really fix the ideas, keep in mind some numbers when you make your video. About 8 billion smartphones are connected in the world, they represent 70% of internet connections. 60% of searches on Google are done through them. In 2017, the growth of advertising investments on smartphones compared to 2016 increased by 34%.

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Mobile advertising is expected to overtake desktop advertising in 2018: projections show 10.1% for desktop and 18.4% for mobile. Google plans to index its pages by analyzing the mobile version of sites. The new criteria are taken into account: mobile-friendly (no need to zoom, spaces between blocks, font size, end of intrusive interstitial banners).  

Subtitling YouTube videos: good to know

Add a title and description to your video

Remember that your subtitles are not the only writing you should use to complete your videos! The title is important, do not hesitate to include keywords, and look for a direct link with your subject, this will allow the Internet user to quickly identify your video according to his request, and this will improve your reference.

We don’t think about it enough, but a description is essential. Many contributors upload their videos without a description, which negatively impacts their SEO and you can find some professionals on Linkedin. Done well, with keywords, optimization logic, with two or three short sentences, it will be a good positioning factor. Don’t look for complications, keep it simple.

Indicate the category of your video is also a key element to obtain a good referencing. It is a way of continuing the logic of coherence. By indicating the category, you are already communicating the tone, the type of your content. You improve user comfort, and appear in search results more clearly.

Don’t forget to mention the filming location

Key words and phrases. Not essential, but useful, fill in between 2 and 6 keywords with your video. You will be able to link your video to many others, offered to the Internet user by the YouTube algorithm. Indeed, it always offers, after playing, a number of similar videos. These proposals are based on the keywords indicated.

The indication of the shooting location is becoming more and more useful, because web marketing is more and more localized. It’s an easy possibility to fill in, just go to the advanced settings of the video. Using these tools to play proximity is a real plus for your visibility in your territory.

The little extra: annotations in the image

Another way to distinguish yourself and make it easier for Internet users to identify your values ​​and your identity is to personalize your channel. Often overlooked, this approach has no direct impact on SEO. And yet, if you think of simply adding a photo of yourself, specific colors, you reinforce your brand image. This is how you will personalize your digital existence, and make the Internet user want to know you. You see it more and more at the end of videos, small videos and clickable links directly in the image. Do you think it’s embarrassing? Yes and no, because it can be a powerful tool. But in order not to let the YouTube algorithm include in your video links and content from competitors, you can put them yourself. This in Video programming and annotations will complete your overall approach to your video marketing strategy.


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