Sony mdr-xb550ap vs akg k52 closed headphone

The sony mdr-xb550ap and akg k52 closed are very popular stressed headphones in india. Here we will check some extensive information about these popular headphones. So please read this details and pick the high-quality stressed out headphone for you.

Sony mdr-xb550ap

The sony mdr wired headphone is tailored, particularly for the edm lovers. It includes the deep bass era which helps you to get the delight of the crisp bass in each location and scenario. You’ll feel like you are in a celebration, club, or tune fest. The low frequencies are amplified through the duct. The headset ensures you to deliver enthusiastic song.


The swivel design of headphones is given in such a manner that matches the audio expectation you have along effectively to carry. The music effortlessly flows thru your ears with the manipulate of extra bass. Plus you get the choice to select from 5 awesome colorings that deliver a fashionable look.


The great of tune promises lush and strong lows. And the additional bass takes the low-end frequency to another stage for deep and euphoric audio. The tender cushion makes it feasible to wear them for the complete day and the adjustable scarf offers it the ideal match. To be particular, the headphones are first-class with style.

Extra functions

It has a clever key app well suited to Android version four. Zero and above which permit you to customize the headphone consistent with your preference.
It has strain-relieving cushions that make the track periods more at ease than ever.
The cable is serrated that doesn’t get tangled easily. Additionally, the headphone is foldable, so it is easy to keep and carry.

Bold fashion design with gentle comfort
No tangled cable
No pressure earpads

No longer water-resistant
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Akg k52 closed headphone

The akg k52 closed headphone is the best one for recordings, stay shows, rehearsals, and studio use. The closed-quit headset is in-built with 40mm drivers that don’t face up to even the feeble sounds. Furthermore, it’s miles most beneficial for monitoring voices and tracking bass. The comfort is confident with its lightweight and adjustable headscarf.


The close back style of the headphone eliminates any audio leakage so that the sound reaches simply to your ears. While you are up to making the suitable track, it can once in a while take long hours, so right here comes its light design that is breathable that surrounds your ears that makes track higher.


The minimum frequency reaction of the headphone offers a whole new enjoy to the music gadgets you work on. The generous 40mm audio driver is up for sturdy output and the complete frequency retort pinches the special sound. The impedance engineering makes it well-matched with maximum of the gadgets.

Extra functions

The headphone is featured with professional track drivers which gives clean studio sound and track great.
The closed-back blueprint gets rid of song leakage, thereby giving the best musical revel in.
The audio bandwidth of 18 to 20000 hz offers an exceptional shot for the lows, highs, and varieties of songs you listen and make.
The comfy match of the headphone adds up to the best and makes it best for any track professional.

Closed-back headphone
200mw input power
Comfortable listening

No detachable cables
Not water-proof

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