Is SmiteSource com Good For Pro Builds in 2022?

SmiteSource must be in your priority list, If you’re looking for Smite Pro builds in 2022 to effectively utiize them against your enemies. Not only for the pro builds, Smite Source also helps you in finding and seeing player’s profiles as well as elo rankings.

This third-person MOBA also provides you with many different capabilities to fight against the 50 different playable and mythodogical gods. One thing is sure, that with smite source, your gaming experience is going to be enhanced significantly and it will be way more enjoyable than the other traditional MOBA games.

In this article, our main focus will be towards answering all of your queries regarding this topic and analyzing 4 best smite source alternatives.

What Is SmiteSource com?

Smite source is a third-person MOBA that offers an incredible platform for the players to find the best builds to annihilate their opponent. Such an addictive and competitive game provides an arena-like environment, in which you can improve the strength and attributes of the game as a player.

Smite Source
Smite Source
Smite Source

Besides, if you are looking for the best smite pro builds to fight against the legendary Gods – each with their characteristics and abilities,  Smite Source is one of the great websites that provide the leading portal profiles, Elo ratings, and best builds for the players.

There are more than 50 gods in smite, a pro build website helps you to personalize a god by providing you detailed information such as concepts and statistics of a god. Since the game allows its players to find and download suitable builds for their characters, they can also customize the game as per their style and personality.

Who Developed SmiteSource com?

Smite source, a third-person MOBA, was declared open by the largest studio (Titan Forge Games) at Hi-Rez. The game was supposed to play on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Amazon Luna, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Since it was considered among the most popular and unique games of MOBA, almost 10 to 15 million people played it within a year after it was declared openly. Smite, a game of gods and enemies became an award-winning game since it was rapidly raised aloft and almost 30 million players are now playing it all over the world.

4 SmiteSource Alternatives for Pro Builds In 2022

Smite, which is a free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and ARTS (Action Real-Time Strategy) game share many similar features with league of legends, in which a team of players is supposed to have control over a mythical God.

While, Smite source provides a unique platform for the players to acquire the suitable builds of each god. In the game, a player fights against the god over a regional map that comprises a context of rules. However, with the help of pro builds, a player can competently win against the mythological gods.

Besides, different alternatives of the smite source help you to select the best build for your personality. With the help of these alternatives, players can improve their game by achieving different stats and modern builds.

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1- Smite. Guru

Smite Guru dominates all the stuff related to the game. Since the biggest purpose of smite guru is to accumulate data, almost all the database and statistics of the game can be compiled in it.

Besides, it provides a wide variety of different builds, win rates, stats,  and talents of the gods which help the users to perform well. In smite guru, you can also witness the scoreboard of the players. It provides all the information related to the best players of the world.

Smite Source

Once you use smile guru, you will be amazed to know how all the information such as “how the players are playing?”, “What kind of builds are they utilizing to play?” can be displayed to you. Since it accumulate the ranking of more than 2 million best players on various platforms, you will be able to see the different levels of performance and scores of the players.

2- Smite. Fire

Smite fire provides the players with specific kinds of pro builds that are established by particular statistics. Unlike smite guru, you will get a particular build that is not organized by random variations of the statistics. Besides, in this game, you will get all the information related to the statistics, and gods including the varieties, different win rates, and performances of the gods. Plus, it helps to provide all the information that a player requires to play the game adequately.

Smite Source

The best option that you will get in smite fire, is the option of creating your guide and concept related to the gods. In other words, you will be able to get a huge amount of community-contributed builds.

3- Gestal GG

The other name of Gestal GG is smite pro builds. This website can be used easily to get all the information related to experienced players all around the world. In other words, you can check the personal information of the players such as the number of builds that a pro player uses to win the game.

All you need to do is search, and it directly shows all the builds utilized by pro players.  Though the game is not as popular as the other alternatives of smite source, you will admire playing it since it reveals all the builds and filters that help you to discover a piece of extensive information about the gods.

After all, it is the best option for those who are in search of different techniques to learn more about gods.  However,  in most cases, to get certain knowledge such as opponents, gods, roles, position, and league of the game, you have to use a device which is known as Gestalt GG.

4- zathong

Zathong serves as a database compilation website. On this website, you can expose all the builds established by the smite community.  Plus, it delivers a general understanding of the game to amateur players.

Besides, just like the other alternatives of the game, zathong also provides an assist to the players to create an ideal god build for the game. The user interface provides a fairly accurate way to customize the gods according to the personality of the players.

Which Characters Appear in Smite?

When it comes to the characters, mythology is the major term. All the characters connected to the smite are legendary and fantastical images that pertained from Greek folklore. In other words, the imaginary and fictitious characters of the game are associated with the people who belong to the Greek pantheon.

Once you play the game, you will realize that all the monsters in the game are connected to the mythical individualities from the Greek pantheon. In smite, the major character is the “god”. The other characters of the game may include Egyptian Horus, Hindu Kali, Chinese Jing Wei, and Arthurian Merlin.

How to Become a Better Player in “Smite?

Since the popularity of the multiplayer smite game has rapidly increased, the competition among the players has also been difficult. Millions of players are now playing this game but not all of them can earn an award for being a good smite player.

To become a pro in smite, you need to invest more than an ordinary player. Plus, you need to evaluate all the information related to the tips and guidance that can help you to become a better player in smite.  However, to make things easier for you, here are given some of the basic tips that can help you improve your game as a smite player.

Try Different Variety Of Gods

Fighting against one God is easier, you can easily put your focus on a specific niche. However, training yourself for only one god and not getting out of your comfort zone can limit your extensive development as a player.

Learning and playing with more gods and roles will not only make you a better performer but also make playing ranked easier for you. 

Give A Proper Time

Investing your proper time in the game will help you to become a professional smite player. Play every day for several hours to enhance your experience in the game. Besides, playing 10 to 12 hours per day will easily get you a good position in the game.

Evaluate Your Actions

Evaluate your actions even after being killed by the opponent. Sometimes death can help you to identify the mistakes that you make negligently during the game.

After you get killed by your opponent, take a moment to ask yourself some questions related to your performance during the game. Ask yourself if you did your best or not. This would help you to learn from your mistakes so that you can make yourself better for the next game.

Do Research

People have created different content related to the smite that would help you to enhance your game level. Watching different videos and reading related blogs will help you to identify your favorite God, build and a role in the game.

Communicate With Team

Since the team participants can help you to enrich your game by providing different feedback on your performance, make sure that you are not losing any chance to communicate with them.

Participate in the game and ask them questions related to your performance, only then you will be able to recognize your faults.

Play With Different People

People who are shy or introverted mostly prefer playing alone. It can be hard for them to get out of their comfort zone to find different people to play with. However, they will be able to improve their game if they get out of their solace to ask different people to play with them.

Getting in touch with different people can help you to get new ideas and feedback from them. Besides, they will help you to improve your style as a player.  All you have to do is go out and ask your friends to play with you.

Utilize The Relics

Relics play an important role in the improvement of the game. Since they provide special powers, you should not lose any chance to utilize them. They are usually accessible at level 1 and level 12 of the game.

After getting enough information about their functions, importance, and role in the game, you can utilize them to boost your level of power appropriately.

Get A Proper Map Awareness

Getting a proper awareness of the map would help you to enhance your level as a player. To observe the movement of your enemies, you have to keep the focus on everything related to the map.

Anticipate all the objectives of the map. Keeping an eye on who comes on the map will also help you. Besides, to strengthen your awareness of the map, keep in touch with your teammates.

Be Aware Of Your Position

Getting awareness of your position is also related to map awareness. Once you are completely conscious of the objectives of the map, you can also perceive your position.

Learn where you should stand and which position can help you to avoid unexpected attacks from your enemies. To get further information about how to get an adequate position on the map, ask your friends for acknowledgment and also watch some videos.

Place The Wards

Wards would help you to identify the position of your enemies. Besides, they will notify you about the actions of your opponents. Wards in matches help you to identify what’s going on in the game, thus place them properly to enhance the level of your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Smite God?

King Arthur is considered the best smite god. He possesses a great power to control the crowd. Besides, he is one of those strongest warriors that have damaged most of the areas in the game.

What do you mean by SR in smite game?

SR in smite game stands for skill rating. The term describes how you play against the god and how experienced you are to win the battle. The system SR specifies the level of abilities and skills of a player.

Who is the strongest God in Smite?

There are many gods in smite that possess a high level of performance. However, some gods are so strong that they acquire the league on their own. Anubis in smite is considered the most powerful and strongest god in the game.

Who is the most broken God in smite?

Yemoja has confronted more destructions as compared to the other gods of the site. Because of his unstable and damaged condition, he is considered the most broken god in smite.

Who was the first god in smite?

Neith is the first god who was introduced in the smite game. He was the very first among all the other gods of smite.  However, he maintained his existence through his fair executions in the game.

Conclusion – SmiteSource Explanation and Alternatives

Smite is a multiplayer game that offers action-packed battles based on your stats and database. Since the game is full of actions and competitions, the players should utilize a variety of tactics and abilities to be able to fight against a God or any mythological figure.

To get pro in the game, smitesource encourages the players with the best, most suitable, and latest pro builds for every god. There is no doubt that the smite source is a great website that provides easy access to the builds, however, using the smite alternatives will be more beneficial. The smite source alternatives are extremely accurate and the data compiled on them comes directly from the pros. 

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