Questions Asked By Candidates Regarding The IELTS Exam

IELTS, International English Language Testing System, is a standardized test designed to evaluate the English language proficiency of candidates. Even though students work hard for the exam and book the exam date, they still have some questions in their minds whose answers they want to explore as soon as possible. Yes, it is good. Getting answers to all your doubts will eliminate the chances of errors and make you feel more confident. 

As we observed a plethora of candidates constantly asking some questions about the IELTS exam, we took the initiative to ward off all your doubts through this article. In this article, we’ve answered all of the questions that most people have. However, if you have any other crucial doubts and are looking for the right source that can help you with them, make sure to find a top coaching platform on

Top questions related to the IELTS exam

What are the different types of IELTS exams? 

Both an Academic and a General Training version of the IELTS exam are available. 

IELTS Academic: This type of exam is generally designed for students who want to pursue their higher studies in an English-speaking environment. Applicants need to acquire a required score to apply to the desired university or college.  

IELTS General Training: Candidates who aim to move abroad for work purposes or to peruse secondary education, must appear for the IELTS General Training exam. 

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Although there are two types of IELTS exams, the format is quite similar. There is just a difference in difficulty level. The IELTS reading and writing tests are administered in slightly different formats than the speaking and listening tests. 

What is allowed to carry in the examination hall? 

Your ability to bring certain items into the testing facility and examination room is limited. You can only bring important tools such as a pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, etc. to the examination hall. Apart from it, your identity proof such as a passport only anything else that you used to apply for the registration is highly required. You can also take a water bottle to the examination hall but make sure it is transparent, otherwise, you need to keep it outside the hall. Remember that digital devices such as watches, smartphones, earphones, etc are strictly banned. You can’t take these devices to the examination hall. Don’t try to break any of the rules, or you’ll be kicked out. 

What is the time duration to complete different modules? 

There are four different modules in the IELTS exam, on the basis of which your English language skills will be tested. However, there is a specific time duration to complete each section. The listening section will take 30 minutes, and candidates will have 10 minutes to move the questions. For the reading section, 1 hour will be given and candidates need to solve 40 questions from 3 passages. In the writing section, two tasks will be given and candidates need to solve task 1 in 20 minutes and task 2 in 40 minutes. Finally, the speaking section will last for 14-15 minutes. So, make sure t develop time management skills to solve every module within a given time frame. 

Which accent should be used in the speaking section? 

There is no restriction on the accent in IELTS speaking. You can use any English accent as per your choice but make sure to prince the words correctly and clearly. If you often mispronounce the words or don’t speak them clearly, the examiner can deduct your scores. So, make a habit of listening first and observe the correct pronunciation of words in different English accents. Follow and practice these words daily to improve your pronunciation in order to deliver your ideas clearly and perfectly. 

Can practice tests actually boost performance? 

Yes, practice tests can boost your performance if you solve them, evaluate them and make improvements accordingly. Practice tests will give you an idea of the bands you can achieve in the actual exam. So, if you are unable to achieve your target in the practice tests, it will give you the motivation to put in more effort to reach the target. Apart from it, practice tests can help you manage your time wisely and you can complete all the modules within a given time duration. 

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Summing up: 

To sum up, these questions are highly asked by candidates who want to take the IELTS exam. We hope the answers mentioned in this article will help you to plan your preparation strategy in a better way and perform excellently in the exam.


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