The Ninja Blender 1500 Watts is an all-inclusive piece of kitchen equipment that can be attached to a base to perform many of the same functions as the other appliances in the same category. At a cost of $249, can a single blender handle all of your responsibilities without falling short? On Ninja blender black Friday Examine its capabilities and think about how they stack up against those of other blenders and the factors and features that make a good blender.


October 2016 price

Amazon: $249.00
BL682Z/Nutri Ninja IQ

The Ninja Blender 1500 Watts can prepare smoothies in a matter of minutes, and it comes equipped with a food processor that is designed to fit on the countertops of professional kitchens. Its ice crusher is in serious need of repair, so if making a large number of margaritas on the weekend is something you enjoy doing, you might want to look elsewhere. Think about getting yourself a Nutri Ninja BlendMax Duo Auto-IQ blender.

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  • If you want to enjoy a smoothie on the go, portable IQ cups are the way to go.
  • Dependable operation of the food processor.
  • Reasonable pricing.


  • Iced drink settings were never dependable.
  • Very loud


  • The energy output of 1500 watts and 2 horsepower Blender holds 72 ounces.
  • While the food processor holds 64 ounces. 32-ounce smoothie cup.
  • 24-ounce smoothie cup.
  • 18-ounce smoothie cup.
  • 92.3 dB dry, 103.4 dB smoothie volume.
  • Maximum Lifetime Coverage of the ($upgradable) Warranty
  • Price $249.99


A 72-ounce container with Total Crushing Blades, three single-serve smoothie cups with blade attachments, and a 64-ounce food processor attachment were included in the package that came with our Ninja blender with 1500 watts.

Its functional black-on-silver design is comparable to that of the majority of blenders available at this price point. The blender was easy to use and clean, and the LED-lit controls and the LCD display were bright enough to read even during the middle of the day. Because there are three different cup sizes—18 ounces, 24 ounces, and 32 ounces—we were able to make smoothies in the appropriate quantity and save soup recipes for enormous amounts.


We filled a cup with all of our components the night before, placed it in the refrigerator, and combined it the following morning thanks to the IQ cups and their screw-on “Sip and Seal” lids. The smoothie was ready when we entered the kitchen, and we were out the door within a minute and a half after that. This is a huge convenience for folks who are concerned about their health but don’t have the time to measure out their components in the morning.


Using an engine that has 1500 Watts and 2 Horsepower, the Ninja Blender 1500 Watts system is designed to pulverise and puree whatever it is that you put into it. The Nuwave Moxie and the Ninja Foody are both good choices for a blender.

On any of the mix settings, the basic 72-ounce pitcher and blade configuration that Shark offers for making iced beverages using their “Total Crushing Technology” failed not to generate an iced beverage. After experimenting with various proportions of ice to mix, we discovered that using half ice and half liquid produced the greatest results. No matter what we tried, we always obtained ice that was either so fluffy that it had re-solidified into a block or some odd separation of the liquid and the ice that lay undisturbed in different spots within the container. Neither of these ice formations was really desirable.

The Oster Pro 1200 and the Hamilton Beach 5814 blender and chopper reviews are both solid examples of low-power blenders that consumers may choose from.


Despite having a number of sophisticated features, the Nutri Ninja may be extremely loud. The 1500-watt, 2-horsepower engine of the Ninja blender generated a deafening 92.3dB while it was cold, but it increased to 103.4dB when we added a smoothie.


Base with a powerful motor. It has a pulse function, as well as dough, mix, and crush speeds, as well as a single-serve option. This gives you the most control possible while minimizing the number of buttons required. The blender will stay put thanks to the base’s locking rubber suction cups and locking feet!

The Total Crushing Technology incorporates all of the materials into the final output of the blades. Most blenders feature one bottom-mounted blade. The Total Crushing Technology stacks three different blade sets in order to achieve maximum mixing.

Even with all of the horsepower and Total Crushing Technology, the Ninja Blender 1500 Watts Kitchen System is still capable of preparing even the most delicate of foods, such as pie crust. The pie dough may be combined in the food processor’s delicate dough blades in just 30 seconds, even though it can handle 2 pounds of dough!


  • Blending Pitcher: 72 oz. The Total Crushing Pitcher quickly transforms ice into snow, which can then be used in frothy frozen drinks and smoothies. 64-ounce maximum liquid capacity
    The 8-Cup Food Processor Bowl is capable of uniform chopping and can produce 2 pounds of dough in only 30 seconds.
  • 16-oz. The Nutri Ninja Cup with To-Go Lid enables convenient, on-the-go preparation of individualized smoothies and juices.
  • Dough blade: While the Chopping Blade is responsible for chopping materials, the Dough Blade is responsible for mixing dough.
  • Cups, blades, and lids can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Included in the package are a 1500-Watt Motor Base and a 72-oz. Pitcher, Total Crushing, 8-Cup
  • Bowl for Food Processor, 16 Fluid Ounces Stacked Blade Assembly, Dough Blade, Chopping Blade, Pro Ex, and Nutri Ninja Cup with To-Go Lid are included in this bundle.


Ninja blender 1500 watts The engine rotates at a speed of 24,000 RPM, whereas a blender only rotates at 8,000 RPM. Fruit and vegetable flesh, peel, seeds, pits, and stems may all be emulsified, blended, and extracted with the help of the Ninja Mega. Smoothies made from nutritious ingredients like fruit and vegetables may now be prepared in as little as 15 to 10 seconds. In order to extract vitamins and minerals from the seeds, pits, and steam, the motor turns at a speed of 24,000 revolutions per minute.


Why spend the money on an ice cream machine that you will only use once? The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is the only high-performance blender that can make natural, wholesome ice cream without using any artificial flavors, colors, or substances. This ice cream may be made into frozen treats.

Experience the deliciousness of handmade ice cream prepared in your Ninja Mega with all-natural ingredients and chunks of fresh fruit. Never again should you buy ice cream!


A quantity of dough that may be used to make a pizza or loaf of bread can be whipped up by the Ninja Mega in a matter of seconds. Make use of the dough hook and the mixing bowl which is 64 ounces in capacity.

You can churn up two pounds of fresh dough in a matter of minutes, which can then be used for a variety of baked items.


Have you reached your limit when it comes to paying $4 or more for a smoothie or frappe? Beverages such as smoothies and frappes are delectable and good for you, but they can be very pricey when purchased from places such as coffee shops and juice bars. It is now possible to make them at home in a couple of minutes at a far lower cost. Even alcoholic beverages like margaritas are possible to concoct in this setting.

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