Netsmart Vs RXNT EHR Software: Features, Comparison and More


In the case of an Electronic Health Record (EHR), the best choice would be RXNT EMR. This software is user-friendly and comes with a number of features, such as Smart Forms and templates, macros, and e-prescribing capabilities. In addition, RXNT’s EHR software is certified by the DEA and HIPAA. Furthermore, it offers an online patient portal and electronic referral capabilities. In addition, it can be integrated with other products, including a Practice Management system and Medical Billing.

RXNT also offers a free trial. However, its pricing starts at $75 a month. This price includes set-up, ongoing support, and regular updates. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, and most smartphones. It also offers features such as e-prescription, patient bill pay, and appointment reminders.

When comparing RXNT EMR software vs Netsmart Insight, it is crucial to compare pricing and features. While Netsmart Insight has an average price of $75 per month, the former is priced higher than its competitor.

RXNT is one of the oldest healthcare software companies. Its revolutionary e-prescribing technology has evolved into a fully integrated software system that processes over $200 million claims every year. It helps healthcare providers manage their controlled substances, streamline billing, and check in and out patients.

Netsmart EHR

The two Netsmart and RXNT EHRs provide a wide array of features for managing health records. Both are cloud-based and can be easily installed on a variety of different devices. They both adhere to the recommendations of Public Health informatics institutes, and are easy to use. In addition, both of these products have advanced features for case management and financial reporting. In addition, both products are compatible with Windows and Android implementations.

While Netsmart Insight is the more expensive of the two, it has a number of features that are essential for a successful EHR. For example, Netsmart Insight includes medical charting, billing & invoicing, task management, and compliance. Meanwhile, RXNT offers a suite of business software that is designed to meet the specific needs of the medical industry.

Although Netsmart EHR doesn’t offer a free trial, the company offers a wide range of plans designed for larger organizations. RXNT also offers a variety of plans, including a bundled full-suite system that includes all of the RXNT products. RXNT’s Full Suite plan offers 24/7 access and regular system upgrades. It’s the best option for practices that want to run the entire practice from one location. It also offers a mobile application that allows doctors to conduct virtual appointments and telemedicine.

RxNT EHRs also have an e-prescribing solution, called DoseSpot. The software has two platforms for integration: the Jumpstart platform, which is plug-and-play software, and the Plus+ platform, which allows a company to customize its own e-Prescribing user interface. The RxNT e-prescribing solution can be integrated with Netsmart EHRs. This can streamline the medication management process.

It is used to track patient records and manage caseloads. Both therapists and practitioners find it extremely helpful. Netsmart is a cloud-based program that can be used to stay agile. For field users with a focus on behavioral health, it offers both windows and android implementations.

Netsmart provides a single integrated care model. All behavioral and mental health features can now be combined into one technology suite. This allows patients to be directed from entry to recovery. You can also use Netsmart EMR to manage administrative tasks like:

  • schedule management,
  • Order Management
  • You can access patient information through their dashboard
  • To protect your confidential information and ensure security
  • Respecting the recommendations made by Public Health Informatics Institutes
  • Clients can also access their claim management information through the financial service. All information regarding accounting, billing, as well as payers, are available.
  • Netsmart EMR features


RxNT Electronic Health Records software is easy to use and includes features like Smart Forms, templates and macros. It also supports EPCS and HIPAA compliance. It also offers real-time medication history, secure document management and customizable patient encounters. In addition, RXNT EHR includes E-Prescriptions that are DEA-certified. This product is available in a standalone version as well as a full-featured Full Suite plan, which comes with 24/7 access and regular system upgrades. It is the best choice for practices that need a complete EHR and would like to run their entire practice from one place.

RxNT’s scrubber detects errors on claims and alerts the practitioner to revise the claims. It also helps revise rejected claims, which helps streamline the billing process and result in faster reimbursements. Additionally, RXNT has an intuitive interface and organizes information about individual claims in a spreadsheet format.

RXNT also offers administrative features, including online patient bill pay. Its affordable pricing starts at $75 per month, with a 10% discount for yearly payments. It also supports all major platforms, including PCs and mobile devices. Its features include e-prescription, patient billing, claims management, and appointment reminders.

RXNT is one of the most established and well-known healthcare software companies. It revolutionized prescription writing in 1999 by enabling prescribers to electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies. Since then, it has grown into a fully integrated software system that processes over $200 million claims annually. It also streamlines billing and controls controlled substances. It also allows providers to schedule appointments and check patients in and out.


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