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Microlight flying is an air game that has recently received recognition. Microlight Flying in India changed into progressive in the feel that it gave all and sundry the possibility to experience the pleasure of starting up in the sky, miles above the ground, with out the high fee of the same old flying alternatives available. Right here we discover the what and the way of this adventure game and the information of microlight flying in India.

What is Microlight Flying?

Microlight flying, additionally known as ultralight flying, is the pastime of flying a mild plane, generally a set-wing unmarried or two-seater. Older microlights used guide gliders, so that they were noisy and slow. Microlight flights these days can cowl an awful lot greater distances at high speeds of one hundred mph. The maximum quantity of humans it is able to convey is two, no extra than 450 kilograms. You could even buy one for around INR 20k.

Microlight flights can attain heights of as much as 9,000 meters and fly at speeds of 290 kilometers per hour. In recent years, microlights have even flown all around the global. They may be robust and assure a secure flying experience. In the occasion of an sudden engine failure mid-flight, microlights are able to land adequately thanks to their massive wings with high raise and occasional stall velocity.

Excellent time for Microlight Flying in India

Winter, overdue autumn and early spring are the great times to try microlight flying. From October to March, skies are commonly clearer with a solid environment.

Reservation and price:-

Pre-booking should be executed at the least one day before departure, as quite a big variety of people check in. So if you don’t need to be caught on the day anticipating your turn, be sure to e-book earlier. The experience costs around Rs 3500 / (approx USD 50). For bookings you could contact them on their facebook page, Micro mild flying adventures or their internet site

Essential information concerning flying the Microlight:-

Criteria and eligibility for solo microlight flying

The desired age of the individual ought to be extra than 17 years.

This character need to have a Microlight Pilot license. To acquire a license, someone should whole a 60-hour training software, which incorporates at least forty hours of flying time, and bypass an oral and written check conducted through the Directorate preferred of Civil Aviation. The license should be renewed annually and the aircraft have to be registered with the proper authority. The aircraft is subjected to regular inspections to make sure its first-class.

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Minimal requirements to fly with a pilot:-

Individuals must be over 10 years vintage.

The participant should no longer be below the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.

Expectant women are strictly prohibited from flying.

In case you be afflicted by troubles together with epilepsy, diabetes, neurological disorders, high blood stress, coronary heart disorder or other related fitness problems, you’re predicted no longer to carry out this interest.

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Documents required:-

Valid evidence of identity which include passport, PAN card, using license or voter card.

Approximate rate

3000 to 5000 INR for 10 mins flying. Different matters blanketed are flight chargers, pilot expenses, briefing, welcome drink and take.

Pilot license:-

The quantity to which microlight pilots should be certified varies by way of regulatory jurisdiction. Inside the US, ultralight automobile pilots aren’t required to keep any pilot’s license or clinical certificates or in any other case meet aviation know-how, age, or enjoy necessities.

In the united kingdom, the ideal version of the national PPL (NPPL) is required to fly a microlight aircraft. That is issued by using the ÚCL after a success finishing touch of the prescribed ground and flight education, passing a preferred competencies take a look at and acquiring the corresponding scientific certificate is needed. 

Below united kingdom regulation, sure self-launching motor gliders (SLMGs) also fall within the definition of unmarried-seat microlight plane. There’s no obligatory pilot schooling or pilot license requirement within the uk and despite the fact that there’s a frame that oversees cling gliding and paragliding as in different countries, membership and the corresponding schooling available isn’t obligatory.

Locations for Microlight Flying in India


There are general of three Micro light flights in india which might be:-

1. Mysore (old Airport)

Address: Hangar No-2, Mysore Airport

Price: INR 5000 for 15 minutes

2. Jakkur (Bangalore)

Cope with: Bellary road, publish, Yelahanka, Bengaluru,

Fee: INR 3333 for 10 minutes

3. Tambaram (Chennai)

Cope with: Chennai

Fee: INR 25,000 for two people for half-hour

Microlight Flying protection tips


It’s far extraordinarily vital that the whole lot inside the aircraft is properly secured, as anything that gets stuck inside the propeller this is proper at the back of you could cause huge troubles. Simplest one seat belt will cozy you.

It’s far clearly an thrilling and one-of-a-kind revel in. It is like flying a motorbike thru the air. Next time you’re in Bangalore, you need to really attempt microlighting, due to the fact micro lighting is more low cost than ever in India!


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