Live Streaming Vs In-Person Events

Live streaming services have become the new normal when it comes to organizing any event with more ease and comfort. Though these services can never replace the essence of in-person events, they have established themselves as a prior alternative.

Even though the terms “live events” and “in-person events” are not synonymous, some people nevertheless use them as such. Live events used to simply mean an in-person event before the epidemic.

Since the pandemic, live events have expanded to include virtual and hybrid components as well as in-person ones, giving users a complete user experience.

What is Live Streaming

Live can be defined as the real-time viewing experience. Unlike in-person event ideas, live streaming can catch the attention of the audience at a global level with the help of live-streaming service providers.

It is the transmission of the raw video data in chunks over the internet from the hosts. With software encoders used by the best live streaming services, the video is delivered at the user’s end. Notably, the video is not for downloading and recording purposes. All you can do is stream the video in real time.

What are In-Person Events

In-person events are events that happen physically. Everything has its physical presence in these events. Actually, a few years back, these were the only solutions when it comes to organizing any event.

Right from the selection of the venue, coordinating with hosts & keynote speakers, setting the audience capacity as well as getting in touch with the event sponsors everything was a part of executing the event.

Technically, the content to be presented in in-person events is for those audiences who are actually taking the part by visiting the venue at a specific time.

Benefits of hosting Live Streaming Sessions

Here are some of the most prominent benefits of hosting live-streaming events for the audience –

Real-Time Connection with Audience

  • After all, the basic motto of organizing these events is to create strong connections with the global audience.
  • When the event takes place in real-time, it actually enhances the interaction with the audience through live Q & sessions in order to increase the authenticity of the content.
  • It also works in favour to increase the active participation of the online audience throughout the session.

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Wider Public Reach

  • It works for those people who might not get a chance to visit the venue but can attend online. With the help of some best live-streaming platforms, you get the chance to make your reach to the global level and exceed your chances of fulfilling them.
  • It is a common fact that the more your audience stays with your content, the higher the chances of them becoming your potential customers.

All-in-One Solution

  • Live streaming sessions is one-stop solutions for event-related requirements. With them, you get access to interactive features like polls, handouts, real-time Q&A, and much more.
  • It is also a cost-effective solution when it comes to travel expenses, accommodation expenses, etc.

Benefits of hosting In-Person Events

Here are some of the most striking benefits of hosting physical events –

Making Potential Connections

  • The terms “in-person” and “live events” are occasionally used interchangeably. You can create direct contact with current customers, partners, employees, and supporters of your company or cause by hosting an in-person event.
  • Genuine links at in-person events keep the same attendees returning time and time again.
  • These face-to-face contacts build their trust in you and your company, which will help your brand develop and your business grow. when in reality they are not equivalent.

Increase in Networking Opportunities

  • Some further benefit of visiting live events is networking, which enables participants to meet other professionals who have similar interests.
  • This is simple to accomplish at live events where the environment is set up to encourage these kinds of relationships.

Brand Awareness

  • Additionally, you can gain from in-person events by promoting the message of your company to potential customers and followers in person.
  • This gives interested guests the chance to meet you face-to-face, where they can ask you questions, make a connection, and decide whether or not they want to promote your business.
  • Attendees’ inquiries at live events can help you better understand your target audience and receive a firsthand look at the requirements and wants of people looking for your goods and services. Potential businesses and sales can profit from these ties that you build.

Which one is better -Live Streaming or In-Person?

In all honesty, there are probably 10 different responses to this question if one searches online. There are advantages and disadvantages to both live broadcasts and virtual ones.

You should seriously consider your attendees’ origins (are they local or will they require extra travel charges), the type of budget you are dealing with, and your ultimate objectives.

With the event live streaming services, you can actually promote your event months before the actual date of happening of the event. Additionally, you can run different campaigns on leading social media platforms like -Facebook, Instagram, etc.

It ultimately depends on the choice of the event organizer. If the objective of the event planner is to host the event the way it is being hosted in the past to cherish the traditional practices, then in-person event ideas are never out of date.

If he is thinking of hosting the event with the help of live-streaming services in india, he should be more focused on building brand awareness at the global level and reaching out to the maximum number of people.


The most common type of event that can help you in involving and interacting with your audience in real-time is an in-person event. Online event engagements fall short of in-person activities in terms of engagement and fun.

So you cannot ignore the advantages of attending a live event. How do you organize a live, in-person event? You will get the finest advice in this workshop to help you successfully host in-person events.


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