Kareo Clinical EHR vs Athenahealth

For independent medical practices, there is a program called Kareo Clinical. This EHR software also has a thorough dashboard, calendar, patient portal, and telemedicine features. That is, to simplify daily tasks and free up doctors to devote more time to patients. It aids healthcare organizations in boosting productivity, revenue, and healthcare delivery. For medical practices and health systems around the country, athenahealth is a leading provider of cloud-based. And also on-premise healthcare solutions. 

Through its products in the areas of medical records, revenue cycle, patient engagement, and care coordination, they work toward realizing its vision of building a healthy ecosystem. That provides affordable, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for everyone. Athena EHR gives users access to cutting-edge technology in an open, interconnected environment. All are supported by knowledgeable service and support teams. Hence allowing them to produce valuable insights that impact their customers. 

Kareo EHR  

Over 13 years have passed since the establishment of the Kareo EHR. The solution was created with the specific needs of small, independent practices in mind. It avoids intricate, time-consuming, and expensive functionality. That may be found in hospitals or big clinics. Some features include electronic health records, practice management, marketing, telemedicine, and patient interaction. Billing software and analytics are all included in the cloud-based clinical platform known as Kareo EHR Software. Recently, Health Prime International purchased billing services from the company. After this change, the software will instead use its 1500+ billing partners to offer revenue cycle management services to its clients. 

Kareo EHR Key Features 

Secure Messaging  

Using the portal, clinicians can swiftly and securely communicate with other healthcare providers. And exchange information with patients. Additionally, they can easily communicate with the billing team at their company while keeping data secure.

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Users can quickly acquire a summary of all essential and upcoming tasks by simply looking at the dashboard. On the user-friendly dashboard, tasks that need to be completed are marked in task lists. Many staff members can view these listings to ensure everyone is on the same page. On the flexible calendar, all appointments are highlighted in an appealing yet practical way. An agenda overview also identifies any unfinished business that has to be finished immediately. 


By expediting the prescription process, the electronic prescription feature saves clinicians time. Users can first get a prescription for a common medical ailment via the computerized prescription system on their phones. When a pharmacy requests a refill, the system then quickly sends that information to the pharmacy. This function allows doctors to look for potential drug-to-allergy. Or drug-to-drug interactions, which reduces the number of calls about prescriptions. 

Kareo EHR Pricing  

The software has not disclosed its pricing options. This means that pricing can be customized. If you want to invest in the software, you can fill out the form on their website. 

Kareo EHR Demo 

The software offers a free demo that can be checked out on its website. Users who want to invest in the software should definitely try it out once. 

Kareo EHR Reviews 

The software has been called user-friendly by many reviewers. Customer support is also beneficial and responds quickly if there are any issues, if you don’t mind. Both making and editing templates are challenging. There is room for improvement in the referral loop system. Erx requests section has turned into a hassle. For instance, one patient can need six different prescriptions, and I’ll need to click on each one to approve or refuse it. 

Athenahealth EMR  

With the cloud-based EHR system AthenaHealth, healthcare professionals can better manage appointments. And also track clinical data, organize patient information, and more. The program’s revenue cycle management tools help automate billing and collection processes. Additionally, it offers a mobile app that enables healthcare professionals to schedule appointments. It also accesses patient records and examines test results from their smartphones or tablet computers. The cloud-based AthenaHealth EHR platform makes it simple for practices to exchange data. And communicate with other healthcare professionals. 

Athenahealth Key Features 

Medical Billing  

This EMR platform’s billing feature increases clinical profitability. It succeeds in ensuring that doctors receive what they are due. It expedites financial processes as a result. It starts by considering the owed payments before concentrating on claims processing. Both of these procedures are typically maintained together. Physicians can manage bills and claims on time because of this simultaneous handling. 


This healthcare solution can be fully customized and integrated. Schedule virtual contacts with patients using athenaTelehealth, which is available to practitioners. The athenahealth EMR’s framework fully incorporates this module. And it syncs up with every other module. The telemedicine service also offers group conferences for delicate discussions with other medical professionals. Finally, it encourages a smooth patient experience. 

Patient Engagement  

Deliver campaign notifications and information to patients in a mass communication setting. Patients can communicate with doctors through mobile devices, view lab results, request prescription refills, and more. Patients can get automated reminders and notifications for appointments, billing, and follow-up care. 

Athenahealth Pricing  

Before you learn about the pricing specifics, I would like to let you know that athena health does not provide a free trial. However, all buyers may easily request a 30-minute demo of it. Athenahealth’s pricing structure is not disclosed on the website. Doctors can learn more about the existing pricing schemes by filing a request. We can be certain that there are no additional fees or hidden costs associated with this outstanding EHR platform. 

Athenahealth Demo 

Athena EHR offers a free demo on the website as well. Interested users can get familiar with the tool this way.  

Athenahealth Reviews 

The app is undoubtedly simple to use and provides recommendations for helpful usage. The patient visit’s five steps are easy to comprehend. The patient portal is good. However, the part that patients see might need some modernization. From the perspective of a practitioner, billing is simple. 

Final Thoughts 

Each software has robust features and also offers customizable pricing. But it entirely depends on you. So, choose whichever software suits your practice the most.  


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