jewelry items that can be made from scrap gold

For some who don’t know the exact meaning of scrap gold, scrap gold means the gold jewelry or gold sent to the refiner and melted by them to recycle and make new jewelry. Hence, any gold jewelry that can be reprocessed can roughly be considered scrap gold. For instance, your old jewelry shall be considered scrap gold by the jeweler. 


Chains are the simplest versions of necklaces and they can be worn in everyday life. Chains look elegant on every woman’s neck. It looks awesome when men wear it. As chains are heavier than rings you need to give little heavy jewelry if you want to get a chain out of your scrap gold. Like, you can give a heavy earring or two or more rings to make a gold chain. You can select from a variety of chain designs and patterns. For example, you can choose a link chain or a beaded chain. Beaded chains require more gold scrap so you would need more jewelry if you want beaded chains from scrap gold. 


Rings are jewelry that is won by almost every individual. However, if you don’t want to spend much amount to buy a ring you can always make it scrap gold. Rings are among the small pieces of jewelry that are made from scrap gold. Heirloom diamond jewelers often turned into engagement rings. Like your one or two-carat diamond of your granny can be converted into a beautiful diamond ring by the jewelers. Gold rings can also be made from earrings or pendants. All you need to do is choose the jewelry you want and hand over your old jewelry to your jeweler. The jeweler shall make the jewelry that you want out of the jewelry you have handed them. If you want, your jeweler can also make lab created engagement rings from scrap gold. 

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Pendants increase the value and look of a plain gold chain. So, to enhance the look of your boring chain, clamming a pendant with your simple chain would be a great idea. Pendants are one of the popular pieces of jewelry made from scrap gold as it’s easier to make. You will get numerous designs of pendants from which you can choose. However, if you want to make a diamond pendant from a gold scrap give jewelry that has a diamond in it so that the jeweler can transfer the diamond to your new jewelry. 

Bangle or bracelets

Bracelets or bangles are great hand accessories and complete your entire look. Though, in London, bangles are not as popular as bracelets, still sleek and simple bangles look beautiful when you wear them. If you are a person who wants something tightly fitted to your hand then bracelets are a good option for you. Bracelets can either be made of metal or gemstones. If you want a plain bracelet then making a bracelet out of gold scrap is a clever idea. An old lightweight chain or a pair of earrings should be enough to convert it into a beautiful bracelet. 


Earrings are the most commonly seen jewelry among people. People tend to pierce their kid’s ears at a very early age. If you have recently pierced your kid’s ears and want to make her earring a memorable one you can make it from the scrap gold of her granny. To keep your mother’s memory forever, you can make their earring with an old ring or earring of your mother.
Bespoke engagement rings can also be made from scrap gold. If you don’t want to spend money on trendy jewelry as fashion fades with time, you can use your old jewelry to make them. 


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