How to draw Ghost Rider

How to draw Ghost Rider. There are many memorable characters in comic book history, but all these unpleasant ghost heroes and knights must be one of the most unique! This anti-hero character has an extravagant skull on their head and defines his extravagant motorcycle signature as his enemies go. This brilliant design, as well as its complex background, did a popular character and, learning to attract Ghost Rider, his many fans can create great art that presents him.

If you also admire this unique character, you will love the guide we have for you! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing, and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a Ghost Rider

Step 1:

For the first step of our direction on drawing Ghost Rider, we will start with your most recognizable line: your extravagant head. For this step, it is appropriate to broaden the zoom in our image because we have a lot of complex details on the skull part of its design. Their orbits will also have small circles inside them to affect the eyes we will color later. After reproducing the skull, you can use wavy lines for the flames around your head.

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Step 2:

We will start drawing your motorcyclist jacket for this second portion of your Ghost Rider sketch. We will use rounded lines that connect directly to the flames around the head to draw the collar and start the jacket. Then we will use straight lines for his shoulders to extend, so we will also start the jacket arm. You can finish this step by adding some small points to his shoulders to make it even colder!

Step 3:

Now you are ready to draw more of your arms and chest at this stage of our guide on drawing Ghost Rider. You can extend your arm to the left and then draw the foremost piece of his chest utilizing straight and slightly curved lines. Your other arm will be folded, which means we will use much more curved lines to create wrinkles in the jacket sleeve. More points will be around your forearm, so your fist will enter a chain.

Step 4:

You drew a hand and forearm for your Ghost Rider design, and we will add the other to the next step. Like the other, this forearm will have tips around you and lead to a closed fist. It will also keep a chain in this writing, and we will count more details in the next step.

Step 5:

The next step in our guide on drawing Ghost Riders can take a little patience, but it will be worth it! We have already shot in your hands while having chains, and in this position, we will show the current length in your hands. It can take a little patience because the different links will have to be tracked. Then we will finish this effort by drawing the two straps he uses. He must have a propensity for the tips because there is also in his belts!

Step 6:

We will finish your ghost pilot’s design by drawing his legs at this stage and in the next step. At the moment, we will draw the leg to the left. Your rider pants are tight, so we will draw this first step with soft lines and curves. Then we will finish drawing your boot at the bottom of the leg.

Step 7:

In this seventh stage of our direction on drawing Ghost Rider, you will find that you will draw his other leg. It will be very similar to the first, except that it will be at a slightly different angle. After drawing both legs, draw all the details in the background and the additional characters you want for this image!

Step 8:

In this last stage of your ghost-rider drawing, you can complete it by adding amazing colors. There is a little color contrast with this character because most of his clothes are black, but he then has the yellows and bright oranges of his inflamed head. We also incorporate orange into your clothes to show the fire by reflecting there.

We would color your black orbits and then use orange for small dots inside for a nice look. A way to color would be to use a more solid environment, such as colored markers, for their fantasy and watercolors so that the flames make them softer. What colors, means, and techniques will you use for this impressive image?

Make the drawing of a ghost rider easier!

Consult our burning advice to facilitate your ghost rider sketch further! This Ghost Rider drawing shows a bigger character than life, but you can use simple tips that artists use during humans. Artists usually break down drawing into smaller forms and elements when they have realistically attracted humans. It is usually done with a pencil because they are just there to guide it. They could include a rounded shape to the head and longer limbs. You can use the guidelines on your face and body to map where certain features will be. Once designed, you can add thinner details to other layers.

You will unlikely find someone who examines this surface in real life, but you can always use someone real to help him. They will be perfect if you have a buddy or relative member with a construction similar to Ghost Rider! It can always be useful if you don’t know anyone like that. Once you find your assistant useful, ask him to put it the same way Ghost Rider is in the photos we provide. To make it easier, take some reference photos from different angles. Having a real 3D reference person can support you with the balances and components of your Ghost Rider drawing.

We draw it in a very detailed style for this ghost rider outline. It represents how he looks at many of his comic appearances. Although it sounds great, you can also draw it in a different artistic style if you want to facilitate your work. However, you can do this simply because you prefer the appearance of the new artistic style! In comics, many art styles were used for Ghost Rider; therefore, you would have reference material to work with when representing it in different styles. What art styles would you find easier to draw?

Your ghost rider drawing is complete!

There were many details and proportions to make this direction in drawing Ghost Rider, so you are really satisfied with your finished drawing! Although this drawing has its challenges, our goal with this direction was to create it as easy and fun as the potential for you to work with. I hope we got this goal! Now you can show your creativity by drawing elements, an additional background or characters, and the colors and means you choose.

We can barely wait to see what you decide on this photo! When ready to learn more, consult our site for more amazing drawing guides. We often download new ones, so continue to check! We would appreciate it if you shared your Ghost Rider drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest because we always like seeing your creations!

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