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Drawing For Kids The best approach to accompany a peaceful garden once you have mastered flower drawing is with a lovely butterfly. These vibrant insects, which come in a range of hues and patterns, are synonymous with the arrival of spring. The orange and black coloration of the monarch butterfly makes it one of the most identifiable species.

Would you like to discover how to draw a monarch butterfly with a pen and ink? Don’t be put off by the complicated wings; in this lesson, we’ll show you the Drawing For Kids butterfly in five simple steps. Now let’s get started, so grab some paper and your favorite art equipment…

Step By Step Butterfly Drawing For Kids

Find a reference photo in step one.

  • Doing some study before starting any artwork is a smart habit. Since the wing pattern of some butterfly species can be challenging to reproduce while drawing them correctly, it is crucial to have a few decent images of the particular species you wish to depict.
  • Look through several image resources, such as Pinterest, until you find images that serve your needs. Additionally, think about using a diagram depiction if you have no experience drawing insects or if you want to create a realistic drawing of the butterfly’s anatomy.
  • This drawing lesson will focus on drawing a monarch butterfly. We’ll illustrate the insect’s side aspect with its wings spread specifically.

Draw the body

  • Start by drawing the butterfly’s body with your preferred pencil. Begin by drawing a small circle for the head and attach it to an oval-shaped thorax that is twice as long as the head. Next, create a bulbous shape with a long, thin abdomen that extends slightly beyond the end.
  • The legs can now be added to the butterfly’s thorax after the body has been assembled. Draw the forelegs in three sections as you descend halfway. Then, draw the hind leg in three segments, pointing toward the end of the thorax. Draw one sizable eye on the butterfly’s head once you are satisfied with the legs. This should occupy the majority of the circle’s space.
  • Then, add two antennae above the butterfly’s eye at the top of the head. A butterfly feeds on flowers using its curly, straw-like beak, which is visible beneath the head.

Add the wings

  • It’s time to add the butterfly’s wings after drawing its body. Draw a forewing that is somewhat rectangular and slightly longer than the butterfly’s body, starting at the thorax.
  • Then join an oval-shaped hindwing that terminates in the abdomen. Create a sketch of the opposite forewing after that, beginning at the head and ending halfway into the more noticeable wing.

Draw the wing pattern

  • It’s time to add more details after drawing your butterfly. Monarch butterflies feature stained-glass-like black and orange wing patterns. Start by separating the orange and black portions of the butterfly’s wings in a pen drawing to replicate this.
  • Monarch butterflies have a black “border” around their wings, and inside of that border are rectangular parts of varying widths, which would be the orange areas.
    Next, add two rows of tiny rectangular shapes to the top borders of the butterfly’s wings. These will serve as the white accents for the black frame.

Peruse The Illustration In Ink

  • Once you’ve completed drawing a monarch butterfly in pencil, start inking over the graphite lines with your preferred inks.
  • After you’ve traced the pattern’s outline in pen, softly add black ink to the remaining spaces. To ensure you’re accurately capturing the design, keep returning to your reference photo frequently.

Tip: Stippling or hatching may give a “white” section of a black-and-white illustration more depth. This is an effective method to convey the delicate nature of the butterfly’s wings.

Would you like to customize your monarch butterfly? It is simple to add a black border and scatter some fairy dust-like sparkles or bubbles around the body and wings. You may also learn how to draw roses and flowers that your butterfly would enjoy visiting if you’re looking for a way to finish your illustration.

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Path of the Stars

  • I was inspired to draw this by The Butterfly Effect.
  • A butterfly’s wing flap, which is tiny and insignificant, has the power to build something enormous.

Wings of a butterfly

  • Here is a more realistic butterfly because I’ve already shared many cartoony ones.

Butterfly Monarch

  • Here is a step-by-step drawing tutorial on drawing a monarch butterfly because it may be rather challenging to remove.
  • I hope it’s helpful to you!
  • Here is a close-up of our completed sketch of a monarch butterfly.

Feel free!

  • I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and wanted to share it here.

Plant Garden

  • Without some butterflies, a garden isn’t complete.
  • I adore how this illustration was inspired by a garden full of many flowers and butterflies.

Little Wings

  • Let’s create some cute, flying butterflies.
  • Here is a sweet illustration of a paw reaching up to touch a fluttering butterfly.
  • Here is a straightforward illustration of a butterfly flying in a heart-loop formation.


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