How to Draw An Olive Branch

Regarding different types of food, some can prove to be quite divisive. Olives are a great example of this, as they’re a type of food that people either love or hate, with a little gray area in the middle.

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The olive branch has also acquired symbolic importance over the years as it represents peace and reconciliation. Whether you’re a fan of olive trees or like their symbolic meaning, this guide to drawing an olive branch has you covered!

How to Draw An Olive Branch

Step 1

The olive branch has a pretty distinctive look, and we’re going to try to keep it as accurate as possible as we elaborate this guide on how to draw an olive branch. One of the notable features of this branch is the thin, pointed leaves that cover it, and we’ll start with those things.

First, draw two slightly curved lines very close together for the thin stem to which the leaves will be attached. For now, we’re going to draw two leaves, each with a curved outline with a sharp point at the end.

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Step 2

We can add the third leaf for the branch with the first two leaves of your complete olive branch design. This will also have a curvy line leading there; hence, the leaf at the end of the stem will look very similar to the former.

The leaves of an olive branch have a pretty prominent position, so make sure to replicate as closely as possible how we placed them in the reference image. With that third sheet, it’s time to move to step 3.

Step 3

It was time to add the first olive in this third step of our how-to-draw-an-olive branch guide. For now, we’re just going to outline this olive, and you can do that by drawing a fairly simple oval shape.

There will be a small space left at the base of this olive, but we’ll add a stem in due course. Then finish by drawing another pointed leaf sticking out from behind the olive. Then you can add more olives and leaves in the fourth part of the guide.

Step 4

This olive branch design is still a bit bare, so we’ll add a lot more in this next step of the guide! We will use some curved lines to extend the main stem of the branch, and then many smaller ones will emerge from it.

These smaller stems are attached to a leaf or a nice round olive. One of these stems will also be attached to the olive you drew in the previous step.

There will now be one more box at the bottom of the main branch, but we’ll fill it in along with any additional final details in the next step of the guide.

Step 5

Before we add some color to this incredibly peaceful design, we need to add a few final details and elements in this step of our how-to-draw an olive branch guide! First, you can use a few more curved lines to create the base of the main trunk.

This part of the stem is slightly thicker than the rest. Otherwise, several smaller ones will come out, each with a leaf or an olive attached.

Before moving on to the last part, please feel free to add any other details, items, or ideas! You could draw a background representing a realistic environment or even something symbolic. How will you finish this beautiful picture?

Step 6

You’re now ready to top off this picture with some color! We have chosen dark purple tones for the olives with lighter shades incorporated. This gives the olives a healthy and shiny appearance.

So we used brown for the branch and some nice light greens for the leaves. You can choose these colors if you like this look, but you can also choose some unique color options. Olives can sometimes be green, so you have that option for olives too.

Your Olive Branch Drawing is Finished!


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