How to Choose the Right CMS for Your Linux Reseller Web Hosting Business?


People striving to begin their reseller hosting business require to build a website to market the services & establish their brand online presence. With the CMS, resellers can quickly construct a professional & engaging business website without having to start from scratch, saving time & energy. Through this guide, you will get insights into how you can look for the right content management system for your reseller business. Also, you will get to know about the most effectual CMSs rendered by the top-notch Hostbillo web hosting company with Linux Reseller Web Hosting. But let’s first begin with apprehending the functioning of CMS in brief. 

What is CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) refers to a website-building framework that is devised to enable users to build content, like videos, text, pictures, blog posts, etc. Additionally, it provides much more powerful & customization tools than other website builders. A CMS is highly dynamic in nature and offers excellent SEO options. Also, it does not require you to possess much technical expertise in contrast to HTML. The content management systems are simple to learn and often come with robust their communities’ support. 

5 Tips to Choose the Right CMS for Your Business Website

To opt for the perfect CMS for your Linux Reseller Web Hosting business, you must take into consideration the following listed things – 


You must acquire the CMS that is prevalent as it comes with a dedicated & extensive community that keeps introducing advanced tools & expanding the platform. This enables you to have considerable features & additional assistance. 

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Ease of Installation

With the Linux Reseller Web Hosting plan, you must acquire a content management system that is easy to install on your web hosting server. This helps you avoid complications & glitches. 

Also, you must access the complexity level of your business website. If your website involves creating intricate user roles, then you should opt for complex CMSs that offer advanced features.

Your Technical Background

Based on the level of your technical background, you must opt for the relevant CMS. If you are a complete beginner, you must avoid picking a complex content management system with the Linux Reseller Web Hosting business. 


Some content management systems are quite vulnerable to security threats compared to others. You must seek a platform that is updated frequently so that you can gain security from the latest cyber-attacks.

Top 3 CMS that you get with Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting package

To make sure that you successfully run your reseller hosting business while accommodating all your end customers’ needs, you must seek a dependable as well as a top-leading parent web host. With full confidence, we can recommend you here Hostbillo web hosting company for acquiring the Best Linux Reseller Hosting plan for your business. Hostbillo is an industry-leading web hosting company that is recognized worldwide for rendering reseller hosting plans with cutting-edge web hosting services & facilities. You also get the support of top-grade equipment & resilient hardware tools with powerful web hosting servers based on advanced web technologies. This enables you to operate your reseller business with optimal & secure performance. The company further enables you to gain incredible web hosting features such as  – 

  • 100% White-labeled web hosting services
  • 24/7 Technical as well as customer assistance via proficient specialists
  • Free cPanel
  • Unlimited domains & subdomains
  • Automated backup services and much more.

Moreover, the web hosting company gives you the option to pick among the mentioned below top-level CMS with your Linux Reseller Web Hosting plan – 


WordPress is the most famous content management system. It integrates influential functionality as well as easy-to-use hosting features. Under WordPress, you can discover an extensive range of custom themes & plugins. It lets you structure your business website exactly as per your desire & necessities. As Linux provides an open-source platform, it gets quite easy to work with it for your reseller business.


Drupal is a top-level content management system. It provides you with a toolbox that lets you employ complex portals as well as implement enterprise-level security under Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting. It is highly preferable by tech-savvy users as it offers more variety of powerful tools than WordPress. Also, it needs less memory than WordPress CMS. 


Joomla CMS falls in the middle way of WordPress & Drupal when it comes to complexity. It enables you to obtain a similar level of hosting features as one gets with the Drupal content management system. However, Joomla offers a visually-oriented interface that makes the platform more user-friendly for you while running the Best Linux Reseller Hosting plan.


Picking the right content management system (CMS) for running your Linux Reseller Web Hosting business lets you generate maximum profitability and sustain a robust customer base. It helps you do customizations, configurations, and multiple operations with utmost ease. An ideal CMS gives you the flexibility & ease to administer your web hosting smoothly without any hassle. Further, you can acquire the most prevalent and compelling CMS with a reseller hosting plan under Hostbillo web hosting company. The company provides WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, which are free, open-source, and effective content management systems. They also come with the most extensive and dynamic community support. Moreover, you can right away visit the official website of Hostbillo to get additional details regarding the Linux Reseller Hosting Plans & leading web hosting features.


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