How Much Does it Cost to Build A Matrimony Website & App

Matrimonial websites are not a new concept in today’s time. If you start surfing the internet, you will find many similar matrimony websites offering similar services and promises to people worldwide. Some of them give better results than others. All matrimonial sites will help you find the perfect partner that sticks with you through thick and thin. 

Creating a new matrimonial website will require you to bring new concepts and deeply understand the future generation’s expectations and priorities from an arranged marriage. If you want to stand out in the matrimony service market, offering a top-notch solution to cater to the needs of the future generation is the only way to compete with more than two-decades-old matrimony service companies. It will increase your expenses a little, but it will work to your benefit in the long term.

Market Analysis

You can look at the market analysis, which will help you understand your target audience better. You can look at the statistics and strategize your finances better.

According to the survey, the Indian matrimony service market will be worth US$0.22 billion in 2022 compared to US$0.11 billion in 2017. 

Matrimony sites, such as Shaadi, Bharat Matrimony,, etc., have increased their services over the past few years. They have offered numerous ways to attract consumers to their platform by offering multiple facilities on one platform. Their customer-centric services have increased their revenue and valuation in the matrimony service industry. 

The Cost-Affecting Factor While Developing A Matrimonial Website & Mobile App

Now that you know your target audiences’ choices and the popularity of the matrimony service websites in the market. Here, you can understand the cost of developing a matrimony website and mobile app. Detailed market research will also give you in-depth insight into the required costs. 

Let’s look at some of the significant cost-affecting factors in detail-

Matrimony Web and Mobile Application Category

You can develop your matrimony app either from scratch- a custom app or have a readymade solution provided by a matrimony app development company. Let’s understand them better-

  1. The readymade mobile app solution

A readymade solution is also called a white-label app solution. Every Matrimony App Development Company has a pre-configured app solution with all the necessary features. Clients can modify the readymade app solution by adding or removing specific features and functionality. Since it is pre-configured, it costs less and saves time. After necessary updates, the client can launch the matrimony mobile app in the market.

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  1. Custom-made app solution

This type of matrimony app solution is built from scratch. The client explains their business model and unique ideas to the matrimony app development company. Then the app development company builds the matrimony app with its developers. It costs a little more time & expense and guarantees uniqueness. 

App Platform

App platforms play a huge role in affecting the cost of matrimony websites and mobile applications. You can choose native platforms for both Android and iOS matrimony app development. Since both platforms use completely different development methods, it will cost you a lot and take longer to develop.  

However, a cross-platform method will save your day and fortune at the same time. It offers a single codebase, easy debugging, sleek graphics, and faster animation to smoothly navigate you through the development process at an affordable price. 

Developers’ Cost & Location

Developers’ costs vary from location to location. In a developing country, you can get the best quality services at an affordable price. The app’s development cost is higher in developed countries. So, it is better to look for quality services where you can manage the development process within your budget. Developers’ cost includes the hours of developing an app software, developers’ experience, the quality of tools used to create matrimony app software, etc.

Feature List & Functionality

A unique matrimony application must have a few outstanding features to compete in the mobilized market of the matrimony service industry. Your matrimony app features might increase your cost and development time simultaneously. In the long term, it is beneficial. However, during the development process of the matrimony app, you must have the necessary budget to incorporate such premium futuristic features and functionalities in your mobile application. In a developing country, it will cost you up to thousands of dollars, but in a developed country, it will cost you a lot more.

You must be aware that more features and functions can increase the complexity and size of the app. A big size will be welcomed slowly in the market, so ensure that the developed app will be simple, easy to use, and requires less phone storage.

Required Tech Stack

The matrimony app will be required to have a necessary technology stack to function smoothly. Some premium tech stacks increase expenses, while others are free and bring quality to your matrimony app. 

  • Database– Hbase, MongoDB, Postgress, MailChimp
  • Back-end Technology– JavaScript, MySQL
  • Front-end Technology- HTML, CSS, Python
  • Real-Time Analytics– Spark, Apache Flink, BigData, IBM
  • Voice, SMS, and Phone Verification Services– Twilio, Nexmo
  • Push Notifications–, Twilio
  • Cloud Storage– AWS, Azure
  • Payment Services– Stripe, PayPal, Netbanking, eWallets

UX/UI Design

UX/UI takes up to 70% of the app development budget. An appealing matrimonial application will attract more users. UX/UI design helps create a website or mobile app that is easy to navigate through, simple, futuristic, and packed with the latest features. The operating mode of UX design includes user research, mind mapping, low-fidelity prototypes, and high-fidelity prototypes. 


Undoubtedly, the matrimonial app development process will significantly cost you money and time. Some of the matrimony app software will be free, while others will cost you some dime. Ensure your matrimonial app development company uses quality tools and gives you a cost-effective matrimonial app solution. 

There is so much competition in the market that you can only survive with a creative and unique solution. You need to upgrade your matrimonial app regularly too. It also needs a budget and a reliable app development team. Make sure your matrimonial app development company provides the best website & mobile app solution on a budget. 


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