Elegant Executive Wear Options in Eastern Clothing

Do you take your executive wear seriously? You should! Your professional wear conveys a lot about your credibility, competence, and presentation. It is imperative to consider the cultural norms of your workplace. Whether you are a leader, an executive, or an assistant, you need to understand the difference between formal business attire and casual workday dressing.

The basics of professional attire remain the same across the globe. However, there are a few differences based on the geographical location and culture of your workplace. Being the businesswoman and the leader, you are the one who sets the example for others to follow. Therefore, you cannot go completely casual any day of the month. Since we are talking about an eastern setting, stick to semi party wear dresses and be mindful of your hairdo and accessories.

Let’s talk about some more relevant and significant details.

Ensure a Neat, Clean, and Well-Fitted Dress

First things first, the key things for an appropriate executive attire are cleanliness and neatness. Your clothes should be ironed properly. The attire should be well-fitted and carried confidently. No matter how good or expensive your dress is, if it is ill-fitted, dirty, and not ironed well, it will look disheveled and unprofessional.  

The buttons of your shirts should not be gaping open. If a dress doesn’t fit well, get it altered before wearing it. Make sure your clothes don’t expose your body from anywhere. Don’t wear something that leaves a negative impact on your fellow colleagues. Don’t wear something which gives away an impression of immaturity or untidiness. Wear outfits, which go with the culture of your office so that you don’t attract unnecessary attention.

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Shalwar Kameez

When it comes to eastern wear, shalwar kameez tops the list of the most-worn outfits. With this comfortable eastern attire, you are no longer stuck in the dilemma of choosing a trend over comfort and vice versa. You can make your shalwar kameez trendy by following the latest fashion trends in eastern attires. You can also shop from eastern designer brands and save yourself from the hassle. Many designers are excellent in their craft and they have ensured uniting comfort and style. You can also get them stitched from you tailor and follow contemporary cuts and styles.

Plain shalwar kameez in solid colors paired with printed dupattas are great for businesswomen. They are sleek and formal.

Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants

Now that you have chosen to dress up in eastern clothing, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your trend game. Not at all! You can dress according to the latest trends. Pair shirts or kurtas of normal length with cigarette or Capri pants to flaunt a foolproof contemporary style. Invest in a few pairs of cigarette pants in basic hues. In days when you are clueless about what to wear, they will rescue you and you can pair them with any kurta.

Modest Wear

For those who stick to modest wear in the workplace, you can also experiment with new styles and cuts. Now that the mercury has gone down and we have entered the winter of 2020, you can create new Fall looks and styles. Add some dark and bright colors to your modest wear to overcome these long grey days.

Modest wear is practical and you have a lot of choices. Again, you can rely on designers to shop your hijabs and abayas or you can get them sewn as per your preference. Add a faux fur or a big warm coat, and a pair of stylish shoes and voila! You’re good to go.

Spruce up your look with the right choice of accessories. You can also flaunt printed maxis. Don’t forget to have a few hijabs in basic, warm, and neutral colors. And yes! Black is mandatory!

Makeup and Hair

Whatever you wear, the look is not complete until you do your hair and wear some makeup. Many women either wear no makeup and look like they have just come out of the bed or they wear a lot of makeup while going to the office. You have to strike the right balance. Maintain a fresh and clean look whilst using a little makeup. Use a thin layer of foundation, mascara, a liner, and a few dabs of rouge. Use lipsticks in light colors. Nudes and pinks are the best options.

Don’t overlook your hair styling. Undone hair portrays you as a messy person and you don’t want that, blow-dry or straighten it if you are keeping it loose. If you are running late, you simply tie your hair in a neat bun or a ponytail.

Last but not least, complete your look with a classy watch, a delicate chain. And if you wear rings, prefer bands. Don’t wear gaudy jewelry pieces to work.

So, next time you pick a pair of formal bottoms for women wear with an elegant kurta to your workplace, take our style advice into consideration. You can thank us later!


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