Dating Apps Development Cost and Features 

Dating apps are for those who want to make a relationship with the opposite sex whether it is a casual or serious relationship and these dating apps also help to make friends, girlfriends or boyfriends, life partners,s or hookup partners.

Today’s Dating App Development Company is in demand and earning maximum revenue day by day so if you are planning to earn money online through developing a dating app then you need an expert with an experienced company who can transform your idea into reality. 

In this blog, we discuss the cost, features, and company name that will provide you with the best solution for your dream project.

Let’s have a look at how it costs to develop a dating app or what the features should be.

Cost of developing a dating app

No one can answer this question exactly because the cost of any mobile app depends on multiple factors like location, target audience, features, and time. So here we are giving only the basic idea that cost can be around this. 

If you want an app that can run either iOS or android then the cost may be around USD 40-50k but if you want to make an app that can run on both platforms like iOS or android then the cost may increase or reach around USD 90-100k. So, the cost depends on features when you start adding no. of features then the cost will automatically increase. 

That’s why we suggest you make an estimated budget or set your goal before going to start the development of an app.

Also, take your proper time to select any company for your dream project because the cost of an app depends on no. of developers, how big the company is, the platform, and the experience. 

Check company reviews online and their previous project or client experience with them after all this is your dream project.

Key Points on which cost depends

  1. Team size. 
  2. Complexity or features.
  3. Platform.
  4. Type of app.
  5. Location of deployment.

Advanced features that must be in the dating apps 

To keep ahead of your dating app, you need to provide some advanced features in your app that will help you to lead this competitive world.

  1. Excellent profile

You should provide this option to your users to make an excellent profile in which you can add quiz questions like age, preferences, gender, height, hobbies, and many more questions that will help your users to make a perfect profile and increase their chances to get a perfect match partner quickly and easily. 

Users’ profiles play a vital role to choose their partners for casual or long-term relationships. That’s why we keep this point at the top of the list of advanced features.  

2. In-app search option

The in-app search option is another advanced feature of your dating app in which users can easily search for their matched partner by their name or user id and it gives users good vibes and increases the no. of users on your dating app as well your business.

3. In-app chat option

In-app chat options for chatting or taking your conversation to the next level also help to check the compatibility of your partner using this feature. In this, you can ask anything without exchanging your contact no.

Also, share pics or documents when you feel comfortable then ask for offline dating here easily.

4. Suggestion for a nearby partner

Your dating app should have this feature to find nearby partners by asking their age, place, and gender which will help to find the best partner by using this option. It will engage your users more in it and increase customer satisfaction rate or give them the best user experiences after using your dating app.

5. Video chat option

This feature helps a lot to make this app more trustworthy among the number of other apps.

Because after a video call people ensure about their partner is real not fake many people make fake ids on dating apps and when they go on a date then they find their partner is not real or the same as he or she showed on the app or make a profile so this feature help them to check before going on date and offline meeting and make your app more reliable.

6. Real-time notification alert

This is another excellent feature that will make your dating app the first choice of users because in this feature you will receive a notification when new users install or log in to this app. Help to find a nearby partner or soulmate with the sending notification if someone in your contact starts using this will also send an alert that he or she started using a dating app.

So, to lead the market and get the maximum volume you should provide this feature to your clients.

7. Security and safety

Create your app with this feature to give security assurance to users because most people don’t like to use dating apps due to weak security of their data like mobile no., address, photos, or personal information. So, it is an essential feature that you have to add to your app if you want to get maximum revenue and no. of users on your app.

Security and safety is a key feature for every app so don’t forget to work on them. In this, you can ask for basic details like their ids for registration the very first time it will stop fake account users and make your app better as compared to other dating apps.


In this blog, we provided you with complete information about your business like the working process, features, cost, and why it is in demand. So before executing your plan in the real world from the imaginary world you need to research above mention points it will help you to lead the market & will save you hard earn money.

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