Best Software For Writing A Master Dissertation

The moment that was scaring you, sitting back in your head, has approached and get ready for writing a master dissertation. It is the most rigorous task and deciding factor of your post-graduation degree. It demands a lot of investment in your precious time, effort, and hard work. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut on the way to success.

Are you thinking of giving up and wasting your hard work of so many years? This challenge can’t stop you from trying and sitting idle to face failure’s shame. Thanks to modern-day technology for inventing these smart tools for writing a master dissertation.

This post will share some amasing software to make your paper-writing process easier.

Best Software For Writing A Master Dissertation


Like many other students, you are also feeling drowned in papers. It’s not a new thing in the case of students when they are busy with their study projects. Material management in one streamline is the attention-grabbing struggle that distracts you from the writing process and slows down your progress. Start using Docear from day one because this literature material management software is designed to organise your academic literature.

This tool helps no less than your best friend when you are discovering, organising, and creating academic literature for writing a master dissertation. It is a three-part single section app with a user-friendly interface. With the help of this tool, you can sort annotations and simultaneously view multiple documents – You can call it a literature suitcase. It’s a free and open-source tool that is available to everyone.

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You have listened to many tools that help you correct grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing. But what’s amasing about SpellCheckpPlus? It does not only remove spelling and grammar mistakes but does another tough job – summarising them more meaningfully.

Its free and upgraded pro versions are available with additional features. It also gives you feedback about your writing to improve it. This feature excludes this tool from the list of editing tools and includes it in the teaching tools list. Professional writers appreciate this feedback feature because they believe there is always room for improvement. Use this tool for writing a master dissertation and improving the quality of your paper.

iA Writer

Are you an active user of social media platforms and your mobile keep ringing at every notification? This distraction consumes your time as well as disturbs your concentration. Start using iA writer because there is no best tool than this. It is elegantly designed to freese your focus on writing a master dissertation and build a shield around you for protection from bells and whistles.

Moreover, it has all the advanced tools required in writing a master dissertation, including cloud support and insightful metrics. Two Swiss designers designed this amasing tool. A quality dissertation will make your future bright, but it does not mean you have a solo responsibility to write it. In this era of technology, you can use this tool as a helping hand for writing.


After research, the most painful task is typing 12000 words. It can drain your entire mental and physical health. When you burn all your energy writing a master dissertation, what’s the purpose left to enjoy the perks after getting good grades? Otter helps you write a master dissertation without even typing a single letter with your finger. With the help of otter, you can write without typing – speak instead of writing.

Just speak into your smartphone’s mic or tab, and the otter will convert audio voice into text. You can transfer your thoughts directly from your mouth to the paper faster without losing focus. It gives the independence of the location as well. Even you can write your paper while stuck in a traffic jam. If you do not have time to speak, you can approach Masters Dissertation Help and get a high-quality dissertation.


Like many other careless students, if you are not using any cloud for data storage, you can lose your hard work for days or weeks of writing a master dissertation due to corrupted flash drives or hard drives or coffee-soaked laptops or stolen computers. This little thing can put you at a major risk. If you have taken all the tools easily, please do not ignore this tool.

Go signup for your account on Dropbox and save your material related to the master  dissertation on the cloud. This tool will not only ensure the safety of your work, but you can access this material from any device, anywhere. Also, you do not need to make an account on mobile and laptop versions separately because it automatically synchronises everything in one place.


You can lose the credibility of your paper if citations and references are not correctly formatted. That’s what you do not want after several days of hard work. Moreover, it can bring shame to you and affect your grade as well. Here Mendeley, reference management software, enters to protect your grades and help you writing a master dissertation.

It is a free tool that manages the citations and references in writing a master dissertation. It is very simple and user-friendly software. Upload your articles in Mendeley, copy and paste all citations from a word document into it. In a single click, Mendeley automatically generates all references in the form of a list according to your desired format.

Recap of dissertation apps

This software and services will help you and make your dissertation writing journey easier.

Quick recap

Docear: Discover, create and organise academic literature

SpellCheckPlus: Correct grammar and spelling mistakes – summarise in a meaningful way

iA Writer: Freese your focus – provide cloud support and insightful metrics features

Otter: Convert audio voice into the text from

Dropbox: Provide cloud storage for the safety of the material

Mendeley: Manage references and citations.


You have heard about two famous words, hard work, and smart work. You get your “Hard work” results too, but smart work can save some time to enjoy your victory. Learn the proper functioning of these smart tools and use them smartly in writing a master dissertation.


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