Attractive Tourist Spots You Can Visit Below 100 AED

Dubai has changed aggressively in the 21st century, thanks to its mind-blowing architecture and cloud-high skyscrapers. You will never find a better cosmopolitan tourist destination than Dubai, but one thing that may disturb you at night; is the cost factor. Visitors always believe that Dubai could be an expensive city to visit, and they are right! The luxurious destinations in the city come at a price, but there is some good news for low-budget families. This post will reveal attractive tourist spots you can visit below 100 AED to have fun in Dubai. Keep walking with us to learn more about Dubai tourist attractions!

Tourist Spots to Visit Below 100 AED:

Budget could be the primary factor to consider when exploring the marvelous city of Dubai, and you may feel down at most options. However, there are spots with equal fun and joy at a lower budget, and you must never lose heart to explore these destinations. These wallet-friendly destinations will allow you to enjoy Instagrammable moments with your family and return home with tons of pictures. Here is a list of these tourist spots you should explore!

1. Desert Safari:

Desert Safari is probably the traditional place everyone visits on a Dubai trip, and it comes below AED100. You can pack your bag to hit the sand ground for multiple activities, including the following:

  • Dune bashing
  • Quad bike riding
  • Sandboarding
  • Henna painting
  • Belly dance show
  • Camel ride

Dune bashing could be a thrilling experience in a muscular SUV and hitting the middle of the desert.

You would be surprised to know that the air pressure in tires is reduced before dune bashing. The reason? Sand temperature is always high, and the friction between tires and sand generates more heat. It could lead to bursting the tire, reducing the air pressure.

2. Dubai Flying Cup:

Have you ever enjoyed your favorite pizza in the air? If not, a flying cup in Dubai could be the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill. The adventure allows you to eat and drink with a 360-degree aerial view of the town. Staying 40m above the ground for almost 20 minutes is worth trying, and AED60 is no price for this thrilling show.

There is nothing to be worried about during the experience, as acrophobic visitors often think twice about it. Finding a distant view of Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa can add more fun to your adventure. Do you want to try this with your kids? It’s time to buy tickets online today and have fun this weekend!

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3. Global Village Dubai:

The first family-friendly retail, entertainment, and cultural destination in the area is Global Village. It is a precise and integrated location where visitors can enjoy the best dining, shopping, and entertainment experiences globally. It also provides visitors with the widest and most diverse selection of events, shows, and activities in the area. It provides millions of visitors with lots of enjoyable surprises outside.

The global village showcases the best of global culture in a vibrant festival. It leads visitors through a collection of pavilions that symbolize the diversity and richness of a different nation. The distinctive ethnic cuisine and breathtaking entertainment opportunities, including fun activities and educational excursions, are priceless.

4. Dubai Butterfly Garden:

Dubai butterfly garden claims to be the biggest covered butterfly garden in the world. A butterfly museum and ten custom-built domes can be found in the circular garden. Four parts separate the ten domes. Tens of thousands of beautiful butterflies populate each dome, 50 different species in various sizes and colors, all alive and flying over the visitors and the flowers and plants.

In addition, various colored nectar plants are grown to provide food for the butterflies. The climate-controlled domes give the butterflies a comfortable atmosphere and allow the domes to be open all year.

5. Dubai Dolphinarium:

Dubai Dolphinarium will attract you with its adorable dolphins and other human-friendly water creatures. The dolphin and seal show or swimming with dolphins are experiences of a lifetime, and you must never miss out on them. Playing and swimming with dolphins while enjoying their sweet vocal sounds can relax your mind. Spending AED50 to play with these adorable creatures is always worth it!

Watching dolphins and seals dancing and performing acrobatic activities will blow your mind. Your kids will love the experience, and you must never forget to take them with you. Do you want to enjoy this activity with your family? It’s time to buy tickets online and explore the adventure!

Explore the city of Dubai with your kids!

Dubai is a wonderful tourist attraction, and you will never feel bored. The place is equally attractive for kids and adults, thanks to the countless tourist attractions and skyscrapers. It is the perfect time to book your tickets online for multiple attractions and have fun with your kids!


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