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The AestheticsPro EMR online system is a complete marketing platform. It provides a variety of features, including the ability to create automated drip campaigns, analyze marketing campaign performance, and define user permissions for electronic transactions. It also offers a HIPAA compliance solution to protect personal information. Using AestheticsPro, you can also monitor your business’s progress and identify trends. It can also help you create a centralized database for your records and customer data.

Patient charting feature

Aesthetics Pro Online has a patient charting feature that makes it easier to enter patient information. Users can choose a patient chart template that is ideal for their practice, saving both time and energy. This feature also helps to manage patient records, including patient photos and documents.

Another feature that makes the software more valuable is the digital prescription service, which helps doctors and pharmacists save time by avoiding errors in the process. Patients can receive their medication faster and more accurately than ever before. The system offers secure complaint routing and a variety of other features that make it easier to manage patient data. Additionally, it has a custom timetable feature that lets you set your own schedule based on the needs of your patients.

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Aesthetics Pro Online offers a fully functional medical software solution to help medical spas and medical clinics run smoothly. It incorporates e-records, e-photos, calendar and accounting tools, and a marketing suite. Its comprehensive features make it easy to manage your business, while still providing privacy for patients.

Another major benefit of Aesthetics Pro Online is its HIPAA compliance. It also has a feature that makes it compatible with rewards programs. Its cloud-based system allows for easy access from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, it offers great customer support.

The system’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to navigate. The software also has a patient calendar feature that displays appointments daily, weekly, and monthly. It also has quick reference tabs for past encounters, outstanding lab and imaging orders, and past notes. Moreover, users can use templates to capture various patient information and schedule appointments.

Point-of-sale service

Aesthetics Pro Online’s point-of-sale service offers an integrated approach to management and inventory. It offers features like appointment scheduling and customer loyalty tracking, staff management, and multi-location management. It also integrates with practice management software. The software offers features that can help reduce the risk of scheduling errors and streamline financial operations. Its features also include an advanced CRM and marketing suite, e-records, and client access.

Aesthetics Pro Online offers comprehensive features that make it easy to manage a medical spa’s operations. The software includes an EMR that is HIPPA compliant, as well as a comprehensive scheduling solution. Point-of-sale service allows users to track their clients and sell products and services to them. Users can also view and manage their clients’ purchase histories, outstanding balances, and knowledge sharing.

Aesthetics Pro Online is HIPAA-compliant, making it a great choice for medical spas. It also includes staff management and calendar management features and can be integrated with multiple EHR systems. This means that you can access the software from any computer and still be completely HIPAA compliant.

The system also comes with a built-in merchant services provider. AestheticsPro is compatible with both Gravity Payments and World Pay Processing. You can also use Clover Flex POS System to take payments. It has all-in-one capabilities, making it the best solution for small and growing medspa outlets.

POS software is an essential tool for a business with a customer-facing aspect. Having a secure and easy-to-use software solution will make it easier to process customer payments. It also increases efficiency. With POS software, you can save time, money, and resources on the backend.

CRM solution

The Aesthetics Pro Online CRM solution offers an array of features that help you manage your client accounts efficiently. Its integrated features include E-Records, charting, notes, before and after photographs, purchase history, outstanding balances, knowledge sharing, and more. Users can access real-time client data and perform customized reporting.

AestheticsPro’s customer support is available globally. Its first call resolution rate is 98 percent. In addition to live chat support during business hours and on weekends, AestheticsPro offers message-based phone support, which allows inquiries to be routed to an expert.

Aesthetic Pro Online CRM solution is secure and user-friendly. It also includes unique features like staff management, which helps you manage employee payroll and timesheets. In addition, it provides a powerful staff calendar for easy staff scheduling. This helps you make sure everyone is available when they are needed.

CRM can help you keep track of your customers, sales, and marketing activities. By allowing you to view customer information at any time, you can better manage your leads. By using an online CRM solution, you can keep track of customer interactions and ensure that every contact receives relevant information.

CRM solutions can be complex and time-consuming to implement. Aesthetics Pro Online CRM solution has a comprehensive feature set and allows you to customize the system to your business needs. It includes voice, chat, email, video, and Kanban view. With a free 14-day trial, you can try it to decide whether it is right for you.

HIPAA compliance

AestheticsPro is a cloud-based medical spa management solution with point-of-sale, staff, and calendar management functions. It offers HIPAA compliance and is designed to protect the privacy of your clients’ medical information. Its features also include staff timesheet management, commission management, and online booking and client portals. Aesthetics Pro is cloud-based, so you can sign in to it from anywhere.

Unlike other medical software, Aesthetics Pro Online is easy to use and comprehensive. Its customer service is available to quickly respond to any questions you have. Its reporting feature is unparalleled in the industry, allowing users to customize reports and screen enormous amounts of data.

Aesthetics Pro Online’s EMR is HIPAA-compliant and allows you to manage patients’ electronic health records. It also offers a calendar and electronic photos. Additionally, the software includes essential business management features, such as the ability to generate reports. It also offers a full practice management solution, which includes a homepage and patient engagement activities. A smartphone app also provides a mobile interface.

In addition to being HIPAA-compliant, Aesthetics Pro is designed to help you keep track of your financial performance. It also includes customer management, point-of-sale, and marketing tools. It also allows you to track staff training and client information.


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