A Structured Approach to Cabling: Design and Installation Guide

With smartphones to cloud computing, the present-day businesses are striving hard to get the maximum benefit from technology. It is not just a choice but a compulsion to survive and sustain in the era of innovation.  For this purpose, organizations need to deploy sophisticated communication networks for improved business operations.

Therefore, a structured approach towards the cabling system is crucial for empowering the workstations to wire through the internet connection without any interruption.  However, setting up a network is a daunting task owing to the presence of technicalities.

Are you looking for some informative guidelines to move forward with the idea of structured network cabling? Read the article to get a comprehensive understanding of all essential information.

Importance of structured cabling for network deployment

You may find various potential reasons for getting a network installed using a structured system of cables. The superiority of structured wires is far more than the traditional point-to-point networking setups.

The first and foremost important factor is that people don’t have to deal with a bunch of wires tangling to mess up the whole setup. In the conventional wiring, the individuals have to face significant trouble while troubleshooting the network. It is because a single wire can disturb the entire network.

A step by step design approach towards the structured cable

Every day many more computers are connected to the network for data communication. It has increased the need for sophisticated systems of wiring to ensure smooth communication without any difficulty. In this regard, the structured system of cables is preferred owing to the potential for meeting future network requirements.

Essentially, it requires a careful analysis of the system for setting up the network under the supervision of professionals.  But, general information always helps people to stay aligned with the requirements. If you are going to get a new network setup design in the upcoming day, consider the steps as given below:

Figure out the objectives and goals

Essentially, network setup is not for a one-day activity. You have to consider the needs for data communication today and on the other days.  The requirements depend on the nature of the business and the need for an information communication network. Don’t forget to get your IT team on the same page while defining the goals and objectives.

Define the structure of the network

It is imperative to understand that structured wiring requires a more logical approach for setting up the cable design. It is because the network designers focus on the present needs and future requirements.

Further, the need for speed in data transmission has increased considerably over the years. The growing requirements of increased data transfer have encouraged the businesspeople to hire structured cabling UAE based expert companies for designing and installation of the networks.  So, it is essential to define the structure of the network while considering the following:

  • The demarcation point – where the telephone line is connected to the in-house wiring
  • The telecommunication room – which contains the consolidation points of the network
  • The riser or the vertical cable – which is used on different floors
  • The horizontal cables – which connects the telecommunication room to different floors
  • The work zone – where is vertical and horizontal wires are connected with the user machines

Get familiar with the standards

Once you have done with the structuring of the network design, it is the right time to know the standards for deployment. Generally, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), and ODVA are responsible for defining the cabling structure related standards. You can check for critical rules and regulations necessary for setting up a network to ensure compliance for improved performance.

Get the infrastructure designed

It is a stage of functional working. It means that the organizations should get a blueprint of the whole network design ready for deployment. At this point, the presence of network designers and installation experts is essential for success. Don’t rely on inexperienced network administrators as they can cause serious trouble while wasting your resources and bringing nothing for technical support.

Go for network installation

Once you have done with the designing phase, the real thing is waiting for you! It is the network installation. It requires you to hire the structured cabling companies in Dubai based professionals to plan, design, and deploy the network as per the standards. It will also help you to select the appropriate category of cabling with all essential customer support.

Initial testing

It is essential to understand that structured cabling is a standard-based approach towards network establishment. Owing to this, the experts must perform rigorous testing to ensure a systematic approach toward equipment checking and configuration. The best way to test the network is to check downtime, callbacks, and risk setup delays.  The successful testing phase confirmed the successful installation of the system within an organization.

Structured cabling is the answer to all your networking needs!

Summing up, the business needs are growing rapidly in response to the innovation in technology. Keeping this in view, the companies should opt for structured cabling to ensure smooth data transmission.  It is because poor cabling can deteriorate the process of information transmission over the network leading to low performance of the companies.

Don’t let anything limit your horizon of business prospects – get the best networking infrastructure today!


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