8 Fun Things to Do on a Live Stream

Since the 1990s, the way we consume content has been fast evolving. We are no longer restricted to only watching whatever program a TV network is airing at any given time. The spectator now holds the power, which has influenced the development of on-demand culture. With so many other entertainment options accessible to them, don’t expect your audience to stick around if your material doesn’t “wow” them.

For this reason, it’s more crucial than ever to keep things fresh when broadcasting by entertaining and involving your audience. It’s time to start enjoying yourself while watching a live broadcast! To boost viewer engagement and make their streams more interactive, the majority of companies and organizations use live streaming services. You will learn recommended practices in this workshop that might help you keep your audience interested for longer.

Best Activities to Try on your Live Stream 

Discuss your favorite celebrity 

More people are engaging with and paying attention to celebrities and online personalities than ever before. People look into their lives as closely as if they were family or close friends. Imagine discussing your favorite celebrity in one of your live streams, including your reasons for liking them and any noteworthy things they have done. You can count on your audience to want to learn facts about a celebrity. Because of this, they might even ask their friends to watch your live streaming.

Share your knowledge 

An engaging way to introduce your audience to a product or service is through a learning live broadcast. Sharing knowledge may foster an engaging, artistic atmosphere that can both enhance viewer delight and open up new learning opportunities. The greatest live streaming platform can assist you in information sharing and interactive viewer interaction.

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Unboxing live streams

The first unboxing videos served as a means of product demonstration. Nevertheless, they are becoming more and more common among viewers who merely want to get a glimpse inside without making a purchase. It would be a good idea to start an unboxing video right away if you have never done so before. These streams can even support your livelihood, whether it is through brand agreements or sales of goods. To keep your audience coming back for more, unbox the merchandise from your brand and generate talk about it.

Host quizzes

Consider holding a quiz if you want to make your live streams more entertaining. While the quarantines are still in effect, streaming trivia evenings have been highly popular and will continue to be popular for some time after that. Hosting a quiz with the aid of a live-streaming service provider is an excellent approach to establishing your business as a lighthearted and engaging one. Strong engagement is also created because you’ll be depending on your viewers to keep the stream going. Ask people to sign up in advance for your quiz, whatever its topic, so you can gauge whether there is enough interest for the stream to proceed.

Q&A sessions

For businesses, transparency is crucial, and one of the best ways to show this transparency is by holding a Q&A session. With the help of these live broadcasts, you may establish trust with your consumers and clients by responding to their frequent inquiries. What must you do, then, in order to hold a Q&A? We’d advise either having people submit their inquiries in advance by social media or email, which you then respond to, or using a controlled chat to gather your inquiries. This reduces inappropriate or off-topic chatter and enables you to maintain a professional and steady stream.

Behind the scenes

Viewers enjoy getting a peek at the behind-the-scenes action. Viewers will be more interested in your broadcast if they can see things they wouldn’t ordinarily see, which is a great incentive. Show them a current event or take them on a tour of your workplace. Your audience will feel more at home watching live feeds showing how you set up for live sessions or live sessions that display the streaming setup. They feel as though you are letting them get to know you better when they see these things. This advice can also give your viewers some insightful live-streaming information.

Giveaway contests

Live giveaway competitions are a fun and creative approach to increasing audience size and attracting new prospective clients for the company. Giveaway competitions can boost audience involvement in Facebook live streaming or YouTube live streaming. There may be engaging Q&A sessions and entertaining challenges, which can draw attention to your brand. People enjoy competing and winning free stuff, thus this can aid in the expansion of the company.

Showcase your talent

The experience of showcasing your skills in front of a live audience may be overwhelming altogether since the response and feedback are more immediate and accurate than with recorded performances. The audience can be entertained by live performances of dance, singing, or instrument playing, and they will undoubtedly look forward to the next live-streaming session. Additionally, it’s not sufficient to merely sing and dance in front of the audience to amuse them; you can also use your real-life talents to pique their interest.


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