5 Ways to Improve your Winning Chances in Dino Run Game

Google’s Dino run game has turned the no internet screen into a never-ending obstacle race. If you find yourself incapable of winning, improve your winning chances with the five hacks mentioned below. The game lets you add themes and weapons and even play a 3D version of the game. Let’s tweak and twist the original game like an ace player. The Google Dino run has always been an exciting game to play. 

Google Dinosaur Game Tricks That You Should Know

First of all, when you don’t have an internet connection, fine, as the page will automatically load right away. Also, you can type or click chrome://Dino in the address bar. It will open the Dino run game even with an active internet connection. Now once you’re on the Dino game webpage, tap on Inspect.

Otherwise, you can also use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I to unlock the Inspect Element page. Now it’s time to tap on the console icon from the dev tools on the top. Now type in or copy/paste the following commands to make several tweaks to the game.

  • Tweaking the Speed 

Do you find the T- Rex too presto to control, or do you wish to decelerate it down to a crawler’s speed? Mere tweaking speed isn’t one of the Google Dino tricks that will help you directly to score more, but it’s an intriguing way to alter the Dino run game properties. However, you can decelerate down the T- Rex and play a knockout match with musketeers. When the speed is below the usual, it will make the gameplay genuinely harder. 

To change the speed of the Dino, dupe/ paste the following command in the press section. Change the number from 1000 to revise the speed. For illustration, try 0.1 or 1100. Flashback, if you add a number that’s too high/ low for the game, it will not serve duly and will show a blank space. 

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  •  Making T- Rex Immortal 

We know the game overcomes on the screen whenever the T- Rex hits any handicap. Whether a cactus or a raspberry. It is frustrating when you’re near breaking your record. There’s a strategy that helps you glide through all of these hurdles smoothly. There’s just one hitch. The score stops for a millisecond when you pass through the handicap, which doesn’t happen when you jump. 


  • Controlling T- Rex Jump 

The dereliction T- Rex jump height is perfect and won’t hit the handicap if you time it right. But for some reason, if you want to tweak the jump by making it short or immensely high (defy graveness), this command is for you. You can set any number with the dereliction being 10. You can experiment and see which works stylishly for you, but the closer the number to dereliction, the better control you have. Go for a 10k jump and set the same, formerly. Now sit back on your president and relax while your score keeps adding. 

  1. Intro Glitch 

Intro glitch is another fun Google Dino run game hack that freezes you in the initial stage of the game. This way, you let the game run and scores soar up, but the T- Rex remains stationary, and the game does not indeed start. This trick might come in handy when you’re playing it with your musketeers and family because you’ll formerly be ahead by a massive periphery. Once you’re satisfied and want to renew the game, you can claim on the following command in the press section. 

  • Custom Score 

This particular Google Dino game hack lacks practical use and in no way modifies the gameplay. You can still attempt to fake your scoreboard. Type the command below before you start the game. Instead of starting from zero, your scoreboard will exhibit numerous integers. You can refresh the runner anytime to go back to normal mode.  Once you bury the law, change the number from 12345 to anything you like.

Also, the number you type mostly never equals the score you’ll see. For illustration, if you change the number to 99998, which is virtually the loftiest you can get, the scoreboard shows 2500. You must go through some trial and error yourself. 

Conclusion: The Final Takeaways

So, these were some useful Dino game hacks that you must try to improve your winning chances. I like using the eternity hack, which enables the T- Rex to pass all the obstacles without any issues. Also, if someone notices your game, you can still pretend to jump and make your way through the cacti and catcalls in the play. You will certainly be more interested in casual games after playing Dino Run.

Hopefully, these hacks will make the game more intriguing and delightful. If it is indeed fun now, stop wasting time and start your journey toward gaming! Do have and enjoy!


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