5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Murphy Bed

If you’re looking to create more space in your home, a Murphy bed might be the solution you’re looking for. A Murphy bed, or wall bed, can easily be folded into the wall and then popped out when you need it again. While these beds don’t offer as much space as some other fold-away furniture, they are great because they don’t take up any floor space! If you want to save space in your room, consider getting a Murphy bed today! Here are five reasons why you should get one now.

1. They’re Affordable

Murphy beds are an affordable and space-saving option for renters, homeowners and dorm dwellers alike. A typical Murphy bed can be purchased for $200-$300, which is considerably less than the average cost of a traditional bed ($1,000). They’re also easy to install most kits come with step-by-step instructions. For renters who live in small spaces like apartments or dorm rooms or homeowners who want to create more living space in their homes without sacrificing too much square footage, installing a Murphy bed is a great way to maximize your current space while saving money.

2. They Save Space

A Murphy bed saves space in your apartment or house. If you have an apartment with an awkward layout, finding space for all the furniture might be challenging. A Murphy bed can provide you with a larger living area by tucking away in the corner of your room. It’s also great if you live in a small home and don’t want to fill up every inch of it with furniture. A Murphy bed is also perfect for people with limited storage space. With the bed tucked away, you’ll have plenty of room to store clothes, food, and other necessities without taking up any more floor space than necessary.

3. They’re Easy to Use

Murphy beds are easy to use and take up far less space than traditional bed frames, so they’re perfect for apartments, condos, or homes where space is at a premium. Â Since they are stored away during the day, your bedroom will have more floor space for entertaining guests. Â It’s also easier to make the room feel more significant because you don’t have to worry about headboards taking up any extra floor space.

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A  The best part is that you can always enjoy your favorite TV show in bed by folding down the frame and turning it into an entertainment center. Â They Fold Away: If you love having a murphy bed but hate wasting space when not in use, consider getting one with drawers instead of shelves. That way, when you need to put it away after each night’s sleep session, all you’ll have to do is close the drawer and tuck it away.

 They Give You Options: Some murphy beds come with pull-out mattresses and storage options like drawers and shelves, making them really convenient for couples who want their own spaces but still want to be close together during sleep time!

4. They Come in a Variety of Styles

Murphy beds come in all different styles, sizes and colors. This means you have plenty of options to choose from when finding one that best suits your needs. They are also available in many different configurations, which mean they will work in any room or space. So whether you want a bed that folds down from the wall or one that folds up into the wall, chances are there’s a murphy bed for you!

Murphy beds are also incredibly versatile. Many can be folded away so they’re not taking up valuable floor space when not in use. Plus, if you don’t need your bed every night, it’s great to know that it can go away during the day and be put back at night when needed.

5. They’re Comfortable

A Murphy bed is designed to give you the comforts of an actual bed without taking up all the space in your bedroom. With less floor space, you’ll have more room for other things and will be able to have a home office or library that’s well-lit finally. Plus, the bed can be folded against the wall when not used.

Murphy beds are also great for living with roommates because they’re perfect for small spaces. They can even act as sofas during the day, which means that you can use them as seating when entertaining guests at your place.


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