3 Hoverboard Riding Tips for Beginners

You are certainly no stranger to hearing the name hoverboard. Known as a skateboard without wheels, this vehicle or means of transportation is currently popular. Although initially it was actually conceptualized as a skateboard without wheels floating in the air, now the hoverboard that is popular today is actually in the form of a self-balancing hoverboard or self-balancing board. Because of the popularity of these “vehicles”, now you can even find them for rent in large shopping centers.

Now you can also buy this hoverboard on the marketplace with prices starting from Ro900 thousand. That’s for the cheapest. For hoverboards of the highest quality, prices on the market start from IDR 3 million to IDR 8 million. Hmmm.. Quite expensive indeed. So, if you want to try driving this hoverboard , you can try it by renting it at a shopping center first. So, for those of you who are still beginners, you can see tips for riding a hoverboard for beginners in BukaReview this time.

  1. Train yourself on and off the hoverboard
    The hoverboard emphasizes body balance. Without the handles, you should be able to ride the hoverboard forward and backward. Therefore, first, you need to master how to get on and off the hoverboard smoothly. To climb it, raise one of your legs, either right or left, with a straight forward position. Position your feet on the very edge to make it easier for you to direct the hoverboard. Before starting to walk, you can balance yourself first by holding on to a wall or pole that is near you.
    Furthermore, when descending, you may not immediately jump off the hoverboard because it can cause you to be thrown and injured. Remember, hoverboards can run up to 16 km/hour. For a vehicle, it may appear to be moving slowly. However, if you suddenly jump while the hoverboard is moving, your balance will still be unsteady. Because of this, you should slow down your hoverboard by lifting one leg and gently placing it on the ground. When it’s getting slower, then you really release your other foot from your hoverboard footing .
  2. Control the hoverboard by stepping on the steps
    As you already know, a hoverboard has a very “simple” shape because it’s just a board and two wheels, without a steering wheel or supports. So, the main control of the hoverboard is under your feet or rather where you stand. You need to step on the front of your footing slightly on your tiptoes to go forward, and step on the back like resting on your heels to go backwards. To direct to the right and to the left was the same. When you want to go left, step on the front footing and head left, and vice versa.
    Any pressure on the hoverboard ‘s footing will make the hoverboard move. However, step on slowly, yes, because even a little pressure can make the hoverboard move. So, don’t rush to start and learn slowly so that it doesn’t harm you too.
  3. Use protection
    This is often forgotten. Every vehicle also needs security facilities. When riding motorbikes and bicycles, you need to wear a helmet. Likewise driving this hoverboard . Again, even though it appears to be moving at a low speed, there is still a risk of injury. So, you also need to wear a helmet just in case, especially if you haven’t mastered how to ride a hoverboard yet and are still fumbling around. If you have started to learn slowly and wear protection such as a helmet and knee and elbow protectors, of course your risk of getting injured when trying to ride a hoverboard will also be reduced.

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