3 Best Cloud Hosting in Australia – Reviewed

Some decisions become the base of someone’s success or failure, and choosing web hosting is one of these types of decisions. If you select a suitable web hosting, you can accomplish the impossible, and if you fail to choose the right web hosting, nothing will be left behind except regrets. So always choose the web hosting for your new website wisely.

For your convenience, here is the list with complete pros and cons of the top cloud hosting in Australia. Read along to read the best hosting reviews.

1: Cloudways

Cloudways is an Australian cloud hosting. The structure of this web hosting is user-friendly. This website is so innovative and features tons of hosting options one can try. They help newcomers in expanding their businesses and focuses mainly on SMEs and freelance business who are looking for affordable hosting options. They have fantastic features to help newcomers, so they don’t get confused or have to suffer any problems launching their brand website online

They have already helped many new businesses to sustain all kinds of hurdles during their journey to rank in top positions successfully. Cloudy is the best hosting in Australia. From managed hosting to the dedicated cloud and more – If you’re looking for a hosting that packs everything, get on Cloud with Cloudways.


  • User friendly
  • Free SSL certificate
  • One-on-one expert support
  • Fewer restrictions, more freedom
  • Many features at less price
  • 24/7 availability
  • Free Migration


  • Best Features
  • Simple pricing and feature details
  • Expert support
  • Many different features in one price range


  • None


Their prices are transparent, and they will not charge any hidden chargers. The best part of Cloudways is that they offer one of the leading cloud services. Meaning, you can choose from Vultr to Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and other options. Duly note that the hosting price for each of the cloud options will be different.

So their prices per month are

  • First package 12$ per month
  • Second package 26$ per month
  • Third package 50$ per month
  • Fourth Package 96$ per month

2: DreamHost

Dreamhost is one of the known web hosts. They have a unique feature of hiring a person to manage web development or marketing of your website. They also offer WordPress hosting, WordPress website builder, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting in different price packages. They also support new businesses.

However, the main difference with DreamHost is that their hosting plans are a bit expensive compared to other options. But if you are fine spending some extra bucks, then it’s a great option.


  • Employee owns
  • Passion for Privacy
  • Commitment in Security
  • 24/7 support


Their prices are different for different hosting. There are dedicated pages for each of their hosting plan option. Dreamhost also has a dedicated section for each type of hosting option. You can buy from managed servers to dedicated cloud hosting platforms and more. In case you can’t decide what account best suits your need, you can always contact the support, share your requirement and they will guide you.

  • WordPress hosting 2.59$ /Month
  • Website hosting 2.59$ /Month
  • VPS hosting 10.00$ / Month


  • 24/7 expert support available
  • Fast and reliable
  • Employee-owned
  • You can hire a professional for your website development
  • They are offering multiple packages


They have different price plans for different kinds of hosting, and choosing the right hosting for a website can confuse newcomers. But overall, its a good site to have in your arsenal.

3: WordPress

WordPress is an Australian web host. They claimed that their servers are specially engineered for WordPress hosting. Their robots are pretty clever and automatically install WordPress after signing up. They have superior-quality servers. WordPress is the first specialist hosting in Australia.

One thing we would like to point out is the dedicated support section. Although, they do offer support, it’s not as good as other options on our list. Also, there is no call support.


  • Australian support team
  • Free Migration
  • Tuned for WordPress
  • Nightly File & DB backups
  • User friendly


Their price structure is quite simple to understand for newcomers.

  • Startup Package 19$ /Month
  • Business Package 29$ /Month
  • Corporate Package 49$ /Month


  • User friendly
  • Australia based servers
  • 24/7 expert support available
  • DDOS protection always on
  • Free one-month backups


Prices are slightly high. But overall, they are manageable and comes at a pretty steep option if you check them on promotional dates.


When someone is starting a new business, they are always relying on something most important things before choosing the right hosting.

  • Less price
  • More advanced features
  • Advanced security
  • Good and reliable performance
  • Great tech support from the provider
  • And an overall gentle experience

So, keeping all these things intended, Cloudways is my recommendation for your new business. Their prices are low compared to another web hosting. At low prices, they offer many advanced features. Cloudways is a Canadian hosting. They have upgraded security systems. So, at low prices, getting many features is like a win-win for Cloudways.


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