12 Reasons Your Energy Bill Is Going Up

If you use the same appliance at the same time, have you ever noticed that your electricity bill increases unnecessarily? You did not receive the energy bill from your neighbor accidentally, nor was it your electrical service provider’s fault. 

You might be surprised to discover that there might be a variety of other reasons for the sudden rise in your Bijli bill amount and you have to pay an extra amount on light bill payments online but if you want to save money on your electricity bill then you can pay your Bijli Bill online at Bajaj Finserv app easily & get a chance of cashback deals.

Listed below are 12 reasons why your electricity bill is rising

Defective Appliances

Whenever your domestic appliances, such as air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, and so on, are faulty, they will consume more energy. In addition, faulty wiring can adversely affect the appliances over the long run, cause electric fires, or even cause them to become electrically charged if exposed to shocks.

Overcharging Devices

A mobile device’s usage, whether a cell phone or a laptop, is vital, but you should keep your mobile device plugged in for only some days or nights. In most cases, you only need to charge them for 2-3 hours to charge them fully. A device that is overcharged drains energy and increases the Bijli bill unnecessarily.

Social life

It doesn’t matter if it’s summertime or during the festive holiday season; there are times of the year when you may find yourself hosting a few parties. Do you know what happens when you host parties? As a result, you cook a little more, have the lights on in areas of the house, and you might stay up a little later than usual, leaving the lights on for an extended period. As a result, your Bijli bill will likely increase if you host guests frequently. You may not find this to be a cause for concern or something you wish to change, but it will help you to understand why your bill has increased over time.

Overused appliances

If you are leaving lights and fans on when you aren’t present, setting your air conditioner to an extremely cool temperature, cranking up the heat, or leaving chargers and appliances plugged in when not in use will give you huge electricity bills.

Outdated appliances & equipment

When not in use, appliances or equipment pull power from the power source. If your products are old and outdated, you’ll find that they will consume much more power than products that use up-to-date technology. If you are not using something, donate it or recycle it. If you do, you should replace it with a more energy-efficient unit as soon as possible. It is worth considering the initial cost as an investment because you will save time and Bijli bill as the years pass. It would be best to look for Energy Star-approved appliances.

Poor Home Insulation

Your house must be well insulated to keep the heat inside if you live in a cold region. To protect the heat in the winter, insulating the roof or attic would be a good idea, as this will reduce the heating system’s work in the winter.

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Drafty house

When you have a drafty house, the outside elements make it difficult for your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, so the system works harder to maintain the temperature in the house. First, you must identify all drafts by looking for cobwebs and extreme temperatures. Next, you should double-pane your windows and seal the doors and windows with weather stripping.

Appliances drawing phantom power

There may still be a power draw on your appliances, even after turning them off. You may see this phantom power on your Bijli bill, which adds up over time. It would help if you used power bars that allow you to fully turn off your electronics when you are not using them.

Defective wiring

You should pay attention to frayed or damaged wires, which may impact your Bijli bill. For example, if the electrical wiring of an appliance is damaged, the appliance can end up heating up and consuming extra electricity. Therefore, you should contact an electrician to inspect the situation immediately.

Damaged thermostat wiring

If you have faulty wiring in your HVAC system, it will cause the heating and cooling systems to run at the same time if that is something that does not happen very often simultaneously. As a result, you will not only draw twice as much power as you need, but both systems may run almost continuously to reach the desired temperature. 

Old wiring

Old wiring could cause arc faults and fire hazards. The issue is that they cannot handle the electrical draws of modern appliances and the needs of modern electrical systems. A licensed electrician can inspect your system to determine if any old wires in your house might cause damage if more than a decade has passed.

Circuit breaker short

If there are no specific reasons for the rise in the Bijli bill, then there is a possibility that there is a problem with the circuit breaker. In certain instances, shorts can occur in the circuit breaker, which can drain the power, increasing the Bijli bill. Make sure that all of the circuits within your breaker are turned off, and then turn them on one at a time and watch the disc spin. 


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